Add voice chat for teammates radio "Check your 6"

It is important because There are instances where i want to warn a teammate of some plane behind them and i have to type it out fast but at the same time they are fixated on a target that they can’t look at the chat.

A good idea would be to have a chat that says “PLANE NAME CHECK 6” or “TYPHOON CHECK 6”


this would also mean we would need to lock onto the friendly players (like in mmb, x) to use it. the idea in itself is pretty great and it would add to the immersion imo

Make a proper suggestion. Not Game discussion. With a vote as well.


Ive seen players driving past enemy and ignoring him. I doubt this would solve anything.

Especially to haywire missiles…

Some revamping of the current “T” commands would seem like a good idea, this is a good one indeed. There are other good/decent suggestions I have seen here and there, perhaps a good Suggestion thread, with a small poll and some room for others to add suggestions as well . . might be able to come with a handful of useful suggestions, that could be easy enough to implement, that they may consider it. Worth a shot I would think anyway . . .

More or less it would be Enemy aircraft watch your rear. “insert persons name”(not voiced).

I just lock on to said plane and hit the someone attack that target ???

It would need to be voiced.
Players arent typically paying attention to the chat