Add traditional Match Maker to current MM

Gaijin raising the BR of tanks has left a vacuum, which is dragging lower BR tanks up and this shows in constant uptiers. This also makes WW2 and cold war tank fight each other which has it own issues. There are cold war tanks lower in BR than WW2.

I am beginning to think a traditional MM needs to be added so tanks can fight say with in 1 year or decade or so of deployment. Its natural evolution, tanks where designed to counter other tanks, same with CAS, CAS was designed as a counter to tanks, then SPAA was a counter to CAS and so on. By introducing a historical MM there will be more balance.

After thought edit:: Add “yr” eg yr1945 prefix to units and only match with in 1 decade as well of BR


Oh so we should have 75mm Shermans fight Panther Tanks yeah that’s gonna go well.


not this again
id rather not fight a jagdpanther and jagdtiger in a 75mm sherman


They are 4 years apart and 1 is a TD, your also historically off topic


Was that battle historical. I believe your historically off topic

Off topic? dude M4 Shermans were used through the entire war once we got ourselves involved to when we got involved and started to send manpower.

Why do you think Tank crews who operated 75mm Shermans who are or were alive all had similar interviews stating they feared the idea of engaging a tank that had superior armor to their gun which was the short 75mm cannon?

You want historical matchmaking will never happen. As it will not do well 2 prime examples are Sim battles and D-Day.

Just did a few Sim matches wanna know how it went?
I already engaged several Shermans who were struggling to kill a Jagdpanzer IV once I frontally showed my armor. Even if they attempted to drive away they’re pretty much screwed.


Okay, I’ll have fun killing your Tiger 2 with T-54 1947 in every match.
Or how about T-64A vs M60 vs Strv 74. No, not M60 TTS, not AOS, standard M60.
Oh and your Leopard 1? Yeah I get to use F-16A to bomb it with Mavericks & none of the top SPAA is available cause they’re all too new.

BR system is superior in every way.
War games > historical reenactments.


Thats hella stupied.

And i am (mainly) a german Main.

Just cut the game in half and have two divisions 1-6 BR then 6 to 12 or something.

Playing a Tiger or Pershing does lead to Cold War artillery spam now.
There is so much fast-moving stuff around that even your own side are preventing a WW2 heavy from getting kills. It’s all over by the time you even arrive at the battle front.

It used to be about immersion but its now also about gameplay

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Wishie going by this idiotic logic of historical matchmaking becomes invalid when he learns that the M4 Sherman has been in service till 2018 in Paraguay however since the country doesn’t exist in the game then all Shermans would be allowed no matter the battle rating.

There is a reason why this was talked about many times and failed. WoT for example had historical game mode. It lasted short. The Historical mm is a mistake that should never happen.


Your jaga is not historically correct in game, 88 was only produced and it cant shot on the move.

I think it is a mistake that it didn’t happen in the first place but sadly Gaijin have missed the boat on it and it is too late now. We have the sad military parade instead of an immersive and realistic war game.
WarThunder has become one for the children now and is getting worse.

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Are you Ok? how are you confusing Jagdpanzer with Jagdpanther?.

Dont get personal with me

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Okay, then I get to ruin your Strv 74 with M60 TTS.
Again, BR & immersion > historical reenactments.
Reenactments aren’t immersive, they’re imbalanced dredge.

NOTHING good comes from trying to reenact history for fun.
Actual historical reenactments IRL are actors playing roles.
War Thunder isn’t a play, it’s a game.

Gaijin removed historical match making because it was bad and no one played it.
And you claiming all adults in the world are children is genuinely insulting.

War Thunder is currently an immersive realistic game.
I don’t want it tainted with unrealistic historical match making.
We’re not actors, we’re players.

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Well, the Historical mm might have worked in 2014 or 2015, but now? No way.
Why? Because then the number of vehicles was greatly limited, they were more ww2 based and the game itself was different.

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It’s a mistake because it makes no sense. From the gecko. Going by Historical MM means a lot of tanks from other countries would have never been there in said matches meaning it would be a battle between 2 nations or a lot of minor nations that fought there. In a limited amount. Perhaps back then it could have worked hell might have been possible in 2017 but now it cannot. That and I don’t have a lot of Faith the Snail could make it work. Due to inexperience.

Yep only time where the idea of Reenactments can make sense is in games similar to Red Orchestra, Rising Storm I, and Rising Storm II. As well as Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose. I don’t count Enlisted due to communication aka Voice Chat not existing meaning people communicating is non-existent. Unless you’re in a dedicated discord for it which is still inconvenient for those who play that beautiful game.

But balancing in those games also built around infantry in mind, war thunder wasn’t meaning in those games historical match making can work because Infantry becomes the counter to a heavier armored vehicle in war thunder it doesn’t exist meaning it will become a curb stomp and very one-sided.

That is my point. Too much fantasy junk with Italy and Sweden. The game went full Sci fi years ago which is why I laugh at all the buffoonery regarding spall liners and reload times with the M1 Abrams.

I agree with the OP at a basic level but we are hoping beyond hope. That ship has long since sailed as you say.

That is the game we have. A free for all of anything and everything. Makes a mockery of military history and realistic model making. What happens when you leave the hanger now is a joke. Like I said, it’s too late now.