Add the ability to transfer SL rate to RP rate / vice versa

Let us customize how we are focusing our grind. Allow us to switch our modifiers around to count completely towards one or another.

You can make the transfer rate 50% efficient if you think it would be too strong and to allow punishment for having the focus.


Make it a fully functional slider.

Make the total % you can customize correspond to the rank of the vehicle.

Rank 1 - 100%
Rank 2 - 200%
Rank 3 - 300%
Rank 4 - 400%
Rank 5 - 500%
Rank 6 - 600%
Rank 7 - 700%

Let us customize how these values are applied to a tank.

This is way too stupid. This would just let people research entire tech trees in a day.


You can get 700% modifier on premiums already, this is sacrificing your lion gains for research.

LOL no, also I assume you also mean for tech tree,

Ok so research a full tier in an hour, then go and switch it back to SL, buy the whole tier in an hour, repeat

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Premium planes offer 480% research modifiers without premium

700% / 2 is 350%, add on half of another 350% you get 525%, not that different, and you’re sacrificing all of your lions earned.

Ok and? What’s stopping you from:

The research level I am suggesting is what is already in the game. It just allows you to obtain premium research values as a F2P if you are willing to sacrifice your entire SL gain.

And people with both premium accounts and premium vehicles are going to abuse the hell out of it. Everybody will. You think of stuff and conveniently forget the bad things, STOP.

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I hate it being able to play the game and focus on researching / earning SL given the option to dynamically adjust the values the tank is earning.

That would be awful!

This made 0 sense whatsoever. I just don’t need more rank 4s at top tier thanks!

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“rank 4s” what does this mean


It means NEW PLAYERS. RANK FOUR PLAYERS. I thought you would know because you are a rank “100” but apparently not

You can purchase a Rank VII aircraft for $70 and you’re complaining that people would be able to grind the game ~2x faster.

You’re talking about taking the time to research a tech tree from 7 months to 4 months.

You’re annoyed at that?

it would go to a week. If that. And that’s being F2P, as always it’s a stupid suggestion that should quite frankly be ignored.

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Average research is 2,000 with a 200% modifier, putting a 525% modifier we’re talking about earning 5-6k RP a game average, that’s again losing all your SL modifier to achieve.

I don’t think you recognize the true cost of research for vehicles in War Thunder.

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Ah this is your resistance you’ve paid money for your advantage and don’t want the playing field leveled.

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I’m grinding Sweden with 0 premiums, I average 5000 - 20000 RP on average without boosters in RB, 50k in SB, and what’s your comeback for that huh?


You’re running premium and you’re discussing Air RP values