Add the ability to transfer SL rate to RP rate / vice versa

24 hours.

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you get maybe a bit less than half of what you get in air in ground, so 48 hours ish.

Level 100 also in 10 days. I tracked a player, playing 24/7 for the whole 10 days, got it sussed.

They are allready trying to combat SL hoarding by the use of SL sinks.

If this is gonna be viable it needs a major SL sink to come with it or downgrade the existing SL sinks for everyone.

And i dont think either would be healthy for the game


So you think this should be only applied to ground? What a bloody narcissist

he’s just saying that cause GRB gets way less RP than ARB

Ok and? Still doesn’t change that this is a stupid idea

It isn’t the worst idea ever, though I can see how this would be abused

Oh yeah, it would be hella abused, I can get 100k SL in an average game, if I change that to RP… that means I can research a top tier jet in 4 games

Best I can do is transfer your SL/RP for extra convertible RP

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My friend, You don’t get to shit on anyone else in this topic. Your only Rank 8 is the German tornado with its broken ASMs. You have two phantoms with an under 1.0 KD and the squadron sea harrier. You are straight up not allowed an opinion on other player’s performance or the grind for that matter.

Just for shits and giggles I didn’t renew my premium, do you know how much RP a 4 kill game at 11.7 nets you in a TT plane without premium? 3k. If every game was a victory with 4 kills it would take me 140 games to research a new 400k plane. Realistically only about half those games are going to be half decent so multiply that by two and you get 280 games. 280 games at an average of 7 minutes per game is 32 and a half hours of just mindlessly grinding one single plane. This is both unrealistic and cruel and no one should subject themselves to that. Ive played war thunder for 6000 hours and I have more than enough SL to never have to worry about it again, I would love to be able to transfer my SL modifier over to the RP modifier to reduce those 32 hours down to (and this is still absurdly long) 16 hours.


And? I never claimed to be an amazing top tier player


Am I not allowed an opinion on what I think will benefit the game?

Yes I do actually, I don’t have a premium account and a 5 kill game in it got me 8k RP in ARB.

I’m not saying that it isn’t, I agree something needs to be done, but this slider is a ridiculous idea, IN MY OPINION, and I have stated valid reasons as to why.

I don’t see how hours have anything to do with it, I have around 5000 anyway.

Define “abuse”

No where did I say the system couldn’t be applied to air.

This would destroy the entire system of sl and rp.


Repair cost would mean nothing as you could easily horde sl, this prevents gaijin from balance via repair cost. It would also greatly cut the demand for premium, why spend money when I can just spend a day getting a ton of sl. This would, in combination with the rp rework, drastically cut research time to an unhealthy level. We already have issues with new players entering top tier via premiums.
You could get some short term benefits from this change but gaijin will end up raising rp/sl cost.

“we have an issue with players entering top tier with premiums”
“allowing players to grind a more reasonable manner to top tier would allow them to get to top tier too quickly”

this is illogical

“prevents Gaijin from balance via repair cost”

not a single tank or plane has ever been balanced via repair cost, people play what they want to play

balance by BR is the only balance which matters, taking the lie that SL is what balances a vehicle is also illogical

I am just stating what gaijin has said. Vehicles that earn a lot of sl, aka preform better, will get a higher rep cost. The other option is to raise their br. Balancing solely of br is why the forum is full of X vehicle needs br change. No two vehicles play the exact same so each br has a vehicle that is the best/worst. Unless you want each vehicle to have a unique br?

We very much have a problem with people buying their way into top tier. Not sure how you missed the massive amount of forum messages relating. I would not be surprised if you already have/will post a topic complaining about.

The whole point of the grind is to give players the time needed to learn the systems and the game. This fall in line with new players buying top tier then making posts complaining that people are cheating/X vehicle is op because they have no idea how to play at said rank.

The current grind is/was bad which is why they are reducing it soon. Just wait like 2 weeks and you will be able to skip like 1/4-1/3 of the vehicles. Combining that with your idea of allow people to get over 1.4k % rp, not including boosters, is insane.

If you just want to get to top tier in less than a day just say so.