Add the ability to create lobbies with specific conditions or times of day/night

  • Allow the selection of specific times and conditions for Simulator Battles
  • Keep as is

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Currently Air simulator battles are rather bland in the conditions and times they see. There is no night time battles, which for top tier would be very interesting, as several aircraft have NVG. also it would give purpose to the radar equipped propeller aircraft at night.

I also think it would be nice to show what the conditions and time of the battle are before you join, so if you don’t want a night battle, you don’t have to join.


I would love this but then everything around bombers should be modified. I can already see lobbies at nights with clouds populated only by zombers bots that simply fly guided by an algorithm.


Maybe at higher tiers, where one has possibility for NVD’s, TGP’s and radar…


I think low-tier night battles would be great too


Custom battles need a rework to allow more customization of game modes than just max and min BR and some basic map settings. There’s so much potential for it to be something like Halo Forge, but at the moment it’s enormously lacking.

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Sounds like a great idea honestly. As of right now, the weather + time conditions are set randomly at the time the lobby is created; we simply have no way of customizing the conditions prior to starting the actual match.

Would definitely be really cool to have at top tier, where a decent amount of aircraft are equipped with NVGs and whatnot.

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