Add the ability to create lobbies with specific conditions or times of day/night

  • Allow the selection of specific times and conditions for Simulator Battles
  • Keep as is
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Currently Air simulator battles are rather bland in the conditions and times they see. There is no night time battles, which for top tier would be very interesting, as several aircraft have NVG. also it would give purpose to the radar equipped propeller aircraft at night.

I also think it would be nice to show what the conditions and time of the battle are before you join, so if you don’t want a night battle, you don’t have to join.


I would love this but then everything around bombers should be modified. I can already see lobbies at nights with clouds populated only by zombers bots that simply fly guided by an algorithm.


Maybe at higher tiers, where one has possibility for NVD’s, TGP’s and radar…


I think low-tier night battles would be great too


Custom battles need a rework to allow more customization of game modes than just max and min BR and some basic map settings. There’s so much potential for it to be something like Halo Forge, but at the moment it’s enormously lacking.

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Sounds like a great idea honestly. As of right now, the weather + time conditions are set randomly at the time the lobby is created; we simply have no way of customizing the conditions prior to starting the actual match.

Would definitely be really cool to have at top tier, where a decent amount of aircraft are equipped with NVGs and whatnot.

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Would be nice if it starts at sunset (first 2 hours) then last hour is night.


I think I was an outlier, but I really enjoyed playing sim during the brief time with lots of clouds. There were some planes that were all weather capable that went from being meh at their BR to overpowered.

The flip side was that there were some planes that were entirely unflyable. Also while it was really fun for a change, flying via instruments is also a bit more boring for longer stints. Night might be a good compromise depending on the lighting.

I think my preference would be for a slow rotation of a weather/night bracket that would slowly work through the existing higher level BRs. My biggest concern with settable weather is that I would expect even more perfect visibility games on flat maps. I definitely enjoy cloudy maps as a change of pace and think night could be fun too.

At least one runway needs unnatural visibility until ILS is implemented.

Depends. Had some interesting aspects, but the lack of tech in WT to deal with the weather was a big hindrance.

Afghanistan is especially tricky in this regard: Flying in the mountains IN cloud cover is difficult, especially if you lack TFR or GCA. They should not create weather conditions that are not only difficult, but impossible to handle with how the vehicles are implemented in WT.

But what I really disliked were the near constant rainstorms in Sinai for example. That’s just unrealistic and breaks immersion.

But yes, imagine how cool such bad weather would have been with a Tornado with working TFR…

For low tiers searchlights could be added and planes with early radars would maybe become useful. Also because it’s a lobby, you can just leave (or not enter if you could see weather conditions before joining), if you don’t want to participate in a night battle.

But I agree it’s much more sensible to introduce this only for high tiers or for them first.

They should rather adjust the weather probabilities according to the map (Tunisia and Sinai should have blue sky 90% of the time for example) than giving us control over it.
I see much abuse potential here. IRL you also can´t adjust the weather to your liking but have to deal with it.

Selectable daytime is fine.

What I would love to see is wind and rain. I have flown a bit of DCS again and it is a complete different feeling when you have to deal with it.

But I understand that it could overwhelm sim newcomers who are trying to land their prop

I’d love night battles but I can see many leaving or not joining due to potentially never seeing another plane, especially in WW2 tiers. If you could have each battle with a moonlit sky with minimal clouds it might be workable.

I’d love to be able to create rooms with the older historical EC lineups. Give us the Battle of Britain and Stalingrad back! I want to flop around in my LaGG-3 against its actual opposition as god intended.

If we’re going to have clouds, they should at least move and change shape over time. It’s one thing if you’re in a 15 minute RB battle but a 3 hour sim battle where the clouds never move is rather lame.

When at dawn or dusk, the sun needs to move - same as above, a 15 minute RB battle is one thing but being 10 minutes to sundown for 3 hours is silly.

Where’s the wind?

It does, doesn’t it?