Add Sim Respawning to Air RB

The entire point of the No Respawning mechanic in Air RB is out of date. It was intended to provide consequences to actions. Nobody values their one life anymore.

Now Air RB has just become a mode that is designed to shuffle you back to the hangar as fast as possible. What’s the point?

Match times are far too short with some matches lasting as little as 4 minutes to “long” matches lasting around 15 minutes.

Gaijin has said in the past that they were aiming for a 20 to 30 minute mode. This doesn’t really exist anymore. Arcade lasts 8 to 15 mins. Realistic lasts 5 to 15 mins and Sim lasts hours.

So why not give players more choices without taking anything away?

Give Air RB the Sim respawn mechanic.

This would force the match to end on tickets like every other mode in the game rather than just being a TDM. The Sim respawn mechanic also allows you to spawn into the same vehicle so you’re not forced to have a lineup. It also allows for a lineup so that you have options depending on the map. Some maps are terrible for strike aircraft/bombers and others are great. Right now we dont have any choice for vehicles when we spawn in. Its just random.

Matches would still likely be relatively short but at least it extends matches to be a bit longer.

I don’t see any downside to this but maybe there’s something Im missing.


The primary downside to this is that players would be able to force victories if they have massive amounts of SL. If respawns were intoduced, they would need to be limited. Another downside is that rewards would decrease because of the respawns being present.

I dont see a reason for rewards to decrease. I would think that they would try to maintain the average earnings for each player if this was to be added.

I’d agree with a limited number of respawns. Maybe 2 or 3 to allow for a 3 or 4 vehicle lineup.

They would decrease because of the respawns. The only reason Air RB has such high rewards is the lack of respawns. Adding them would most likely cause the rewards to drop to around Ground RBs levels.

Earnings is not based off whether or not respawns are present.

Its based off player accomplishments and time in game. There would be no reason to adjust earnings from player accomplishments. Time in game factors may be adjusted slightly so that the average earnings per time im game remains the same.

Ground has a much lower player accomplishment modifier.

Ofcourse we’re both predicting Gaijins theoretical actions and Gaijin is unpredictable so who knows but this is just modifying generic factors. Should be very easy for Gaijin to do.

No, you misunderstand. Air RB has less kill potential than other modes with respawns. For example, Ground games you could realistically (and quite often do) see 10+ kills by a single player. You will probably never see an Air game where someone scores 10 kills out of 16. Ground RB has a minimum of 32 spawns available before kills/caps/assists award more SP. Double the chances at a base to get rewards. Not only that, but in Air RB you get one chance to make things happen, which makes actions more rewarded because they are more important. That is why Air RB is the singular mode that gets such high rewards, comparable (if not better) that Sim even though Sim is the harder mode.

I’m just calling it how I see it. Air RB is an outlyer because of the lack of respawns and the much higher levels of rewards. It makes complete sense that they are related because of the situations explained above.

I understand what you’re saying but Air RB with respawns would take longer than without respawns. So the larger number of kills/rewards would be spread out over a longer period of time providing some balance to the added rewards per match.

The two metrics Gaijin can control, in terms of rewards are:

  1. Rewards per significant action.
  2. Rewards per time in match.

The first shouldnt change for a theoretical Air RB with respawns. The second may change slightly.

The metrics that could impact the rewards per time in match would be:

  • How long does it take for a player to return to the hangar then reload into a new game?


  • How long does it take for a player to respawn?

If it takes an average of 2 minutes with no respawns to get back into a match but it takes only 30 seconds to respawn and takeoff again, then there may be a slight nerf to RP earned from time spent in game.

But the overall earnings potential shouldn’t change unless Gaijin nerfs ot deliberately. They could do this with any suggestion though.

Nonetheless, RP earnings and “the grind” should NOT dictate game mode design.

I feel so many of the arguments holding back more fun game modes revolve around fear of a slight nerf in grinding potential.

From someone who has just about every plane in the game, it isnt worth it. Enjoy the game, not the grind and i would much rather a more fun game mode than just a game mode designed to grind.

Right now, Air RB purely feels like it was designed for grinders at the expense of fun.

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