Add manual radar lock for SPAA just like in planes

Why SPAA has to look at the target to lock it insted using radar to do it.
It is a joke when you can see someone on radar, see him trough clouds but there is no way to lock on target.
Add option to lock on things by simply locking them on the radar screen insted of scaning horizon just like we can do on planes while BVR


Provide proof that manual radar locks were a thing for ground SPAAs. Making a demand that it should be changed without proof isn’t gonna do anything especially if its a discussion thread. Which holds no power.

I care more about balance rather than if it was real. Like it should be, that what radar is for no?

SPAA do have this, SPAA must require a radar system to be able to auto lock. the only time you have to look at the target to lock onto them is if the SPAA/Light Tank has TV tracking only.

With Radar System

Without Radar System


Clear sky test drive shows nothing

Which SPAA are you talking about? I ask this because of the existence of search only radars.

Any SPAA with search radar.
Just like in planes you see a dot on the radar, you move box at it and there you go you have a lock

It should be added to spaa as a game feature just how it is a game feature to radar equipped planes.

Ok here’s with low cloud cover and fog.

Low Cloud Cover


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Again test drive is like protection analisys it cant be trusted, also those are early jets not grippens f16s and other stuff, and its at such close range that it would be to late anyway

my guy, it is the same as locking radar as the plane, what are you on about?

could you explain it step by step then?

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IRL SPAA are able to pick their own targets without having to cycle through by their own means, so the current cyclistic game feature is a game limitation, therefore manual selection would remove that game limitation which currently impairs SPAA.

Manual radar lock, not ACM or HMD one.
Not everyone use it and you have to set controls for that but anyway.
When you fly around with radar set on search or twa you get the dots on it right? And if they are away from you outside your ACM or HMD range you wont be able to lock on them.
By manual Control you can pick your target at any range your radar can see the target, and there is no rng that you locked on wrong target.

Here is old video from Phly that shows that

there is another button where u just switch trough radar targets as well and can then lock the one u want

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Manual lock also helps the player pick their desired target in multithreat enviroment. If there are helicopters spamming rockets / atgms, normally you would have to possibly cycle even 20+ targets to get to lock your desired target if you aren’t in the position to search for them and lock them using “acm”.

Overall the whole radar is a game feature so making suggestions to already nonhistorical gamefeature won’t require sources. so @KotisD , You should make a suggestion and suggest it as game feature.

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They are able to search for targets, but they don’t automatically lock them. Search/track radars need operator input to lock targets. Since you aren’t sitting controlling the system as you would actually sitting in the SPAA, it only makes sense that you have to aim at a target to lock it. Keep in mind this is a game and not everything can operate as it can in real life.

As a game feature this is not implemented. The manual lock feature would allow anyone to lock anyone that you are able to lock from the cycle target view in outside view of the SPAA

The manual lock would only work inside the common locking area, or so i would assume. It would not add any capabilities of locking outside of common lock area.

However if they would add the capability to lock someone outside of that area where the tracking radar would then slave towards the target, i wouldn’t mind.

i see what the problem now, the OP really need clarifies what manual radar means.
so the OP is not using the “Target cyclic switching”

this mode on the options

for their SPAA the problem was locking with that mode, i tried it with type 87 and only be able to lock on aircraft with extremly close distance and only very specific condition.

to be honest “manual radar” mode is a not really a worth thing to use but some people like them. you can make a bug report if you really want it to be fixed.

edit to correct some word.

I’m still not seeing proof. Also, this is still a discussion thread, the person who made this should have made a suggestion thread so that people both discuss but also provided tons of information to back this up. I’m not saying I’m arguing against it I just fail to see how any of this is important when discussion threads aren’t suggestion threads and therefore irrelevant.

Suggestion to game mechanics don’t require proof, like i said the radar feature that is currently ingame is already not realistic. This is a game feature that would affect all vehicles regardless of their capability, just like how the current radar controls are implemented in this game. They are not historical, so there is no reason to require historical proof to change something that is not historical in first place.