Add in game voice chat to Sim battles

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Communication actually matters in sim as by design many of the systems that are present in RB and Arcade are not present. Currently sim players have a sort of agreed-upon system of menu voice lines that ping the map in order to communicate, which is pretty limited to say the least.

The voice chat would only be in sim battles, which is a community of players within warthunder that I think are a bit more mature and should be able to handle such a feature. Obviously, it would also be optional so if you don’t want to hear a bunch of nerds yelling at each other to stop shooting friendlies that would be a possibility.

Personally I would love to be able to speak to ground units while flying a plane that I spotted something and where its at, right now that would require me using my keyboard and its just a mess and not even worth the effort.


Supported. I need to communicate with my teammates way more effectively


As well, give us an option for “radio” style sound filter on the voice channels, for a little extra immersion.


IMO, not just for sim but for all battles. Similar games like Mechwarrior Online already have this baked in quite easily.

Support. But an effective system of voice moderation needs to be developed, else there would be many problems.


Supported but only if its proximity chat and both sides can hear within like a .5-1km bubble. It’s simulation mode I like how hard it is, you rely on your skill and knowledge to survive and not yeet friendlies.

Something like this is also a good way around maybe with means to switch between squads so you can work more in sync with another squad and ask directly where they are what they are doing etc.

In tanks and aircraft proximity chat wouldn’t make sense. Remember these are radios. However, I do agree. Depending on the era, and the quality of the audio. You can still hear it but distance may lead to some crackling. But nothing too loud.


Why I thought proximity was a good way and a fun way for enemy creeping up on you hearing some wild and wacky things xD

But yeah era series of radio is a good way, distorting messages because of obstacles, tunnels etc. Nice concept.

It may have had an effect but unlikely.

Here is an entire playlist of what it sounds like. Ignore videos 5 and 6.
For Afghan

here’s what it sounds like which was received to an A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog”

Radio announcement of the Defeat in Stalingrad - 3 February 1943

Stalin’s radio broadcast to the Soviet people (3 July 1941) [Subtitled]

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