ADD F-4F-KWS-LA for germany?

Germany’s top players have been running low on CAS Jets for a long time, especially after the next major update, Germany’s CAS capabilities will be left far behind, so I’m looking for a solution.

Now we have a cheap, simple and effective solution:F-4F-KWS-LA

The reason I’m making this suggestion now is that the AGM-65G will be coming to the game in the next major update.

Do U want this Germany CAS ?
  • YES. WE need this.
  • NO.We have other better options.(?)
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Introducing the F-4F KWS-LA:
Compared to the F-4F in the game, he only differs in secondary weapons
AAM: AIM-9L,AIM-9L-1,(IRIS-T is too OP to add)
AGM: AGM-65D,AGM-65G,(Inherited from “Peace Rhine”)
(The AGM-65 does not require a special pylon, and is also able to carry 3*AGM-65 in a group)

Rocket: same with F-4F
Bombs: all F-4F have and (GBU)
POD:AVQ-23,(Inherited from “Peace Rhine”,supported by FCS , but never installed)
Do we need to add these weapons that have the ability to carry but have not been used?

Do U want POD and GBUs for F-4F-KWS-LA?
  • YES. WE need POD and GBUs.
  • ONLY POD is enough.(?)
  • NO.we dont need any of them.(?)
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Again, why I’m asking for POD and GBU separately.
The German Fighter CAS is the weakest,
Attacker CAS is also in the third-to-last position,
( Fighter CAS ranks Germany at 10/10, Attacker CAS ranks Germany at 5/8, CAS ranks Germany at 14/18 and 15/18,Only the most powerful of the two types of CAS in each country is considered, such as the Tornado GR1, even if it is stronger than the Tornado IDS)
Germany CAS is much weaker from the Jets.
The performance of the F-4F-KWS-LA i asked can be compared to the Kurnass-2000,
It will be a little stronger, and the 11.7 BR will be a good fit for this aircraft.

The weapons I mentioned are all within the capabilities of the F-4F-ICE-LA, even if some are not installed.
It is slightly better than the Tornado when the enemy AA is few, but When the AA are online, it is still weaker than the CAS with a thermal pod.
So I asked for the F-4F-KWS-LA for these weapons.

It’s very simple to make this plane, copy the F-4F, change the weapons and names, adjust the BR, and then it’s done

in the next major update, the CAS at the top of the countries is as follows:

  • USA:—F-16C(Fighter),---------------A-7K(Attacker),
  • GER:—F-4F(Fighter),-----------------Tornado-IDS-ASSTA-1(Attacker),
  • USSR:-Mig-29SMT(Fighter),-----Su-25-SM3(Attacker),
  • GB:-----JAS-39C(Fighter),----------Harrier-GR.7(Attacker),
  • JPN:—F-16-AJ(Fighter)
  • CN:-----F-16-MLU(Fighter),--------JH-7A(Attacker),
  • ITA:----JAS-39C-HU(Fighter),-----Harrier-B+(Attacker),
  • FRA:—M2000-5F(Fighter),--------M2000D-R1(Attacker),
  • SWE:–JAS-39A(Fighter),----------AJS-37(Attacker),
  • ISR:-----F-16D(Fighter),
  • (18 CAS)
  • and some other CAS better than F-4F but not in lists,such as F-4E,F-15A,F16A,kurnass2000…

CAS Rank lists:

  1. F-16C,------JAS-39C HU,-----F-16D,-----JAS-39C
  2. M-2000-5F,-----M-2000D-R1,-----JH-7A,-----JAS-39A
  3. Harrier-GR7,-----Harrier-B+,-----Su-25-SM3,
  4. (F-4F-KWS-LA),-----F-16-MLU,-----F-16-AJ,------Mig-29-SMT,
  5. Tornado-IDS-ASSTA-1,
  6. AJS-37,-----F-4F,
  7. A-7K,

F-4F Peace Rhine lacking AGM-65D and AGM-65G Maverick missile. // // Issues

If U have anything U want to discuss or add or correct, Please discuss amicably.
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3AGM-65D in a group


GBU-11 and GBU-10 for F-4F
3000lb ------- 2000lb