ADD F-4F KWS-LA for Germany

The CAS capabilities of Germany’s top players have long been widely criticized.
Now we have a cheap, simple and effective solution:F-4F-KWS-LA

The reason I’m making this suggestion now is that the AGM-65G will be coming to the game in the next major update.

Introducing the F-4F KWS-LA:
Compared to the F-4F in the game, he only differs in secondary weapons
AAM: AIM-9L,AIM-9L-1,AIM-9L(I)-1(IRIS-T is too OP to add)
AGM: AGM-65D,AGM-65G,(Inherited from “Peace Rhine”)
(The AGM-65 does not require a special pylon, and is also able to carry AGM-65 in groups of 3)
Rocket: same with F-4F
Bombs: all F-4F have and (GBU-10,GBU-11)
POD:AVQ-23,(Inherited from “Peace Rhine”,supported by FCS , but never installed)

Again, why I’m asking for POD and GBU separately.
The German Fighter CAS is the weakest,
Attacker CAS is also in the third-to-last position,
( Fighter CAS ranks Germany at 10/10, Attacker CAS ranks Germany at 5/8, CAS ranks Germany at 14/18 and 15/18,Only the most powerful of the two types of CAS in each country is considered, such as the Tornado GR1, even if it is stronger than the Tornado IDS)
Germany CAS is much weaker from the Jets.
The performance of the F-4F-KWS-LA i asked can be compared to the Kurnass-2000,
It will be a little stronger, and the 11.7 BR will be a good fit for this aircraft.

Now don’t talk about historical, if it’s historical, Most of the aircraft are given weapons according to capabilities and balance, rather than actual use. Then why can’t weapons be given according to competence when CAS is needed in Germany?
Fix the vehicles (PUMA, leopard2,Lec,…)And remove the R60M and R27ER for the Mig29 (9.12) ,
add the aim9L for the F-4F…delete F16AJ and Ho-Ri,after that we can talk about Historical.
We are very tired of these double standards
The weapons I mentioned are all within the capabilities of the F-4F-ICE, even if some are not installed.
It is slightly better than the Tornado when the enemy AA is few, but When the AA are online, it is still weaker than the aircraft with a thermal pod.
So I asked for the F-4F-KWS-LA for these weapons.

It’s very simple to make this plane, copy the F-4F, change the weapons and names, adjust the BR, and then it’s done

in the next major update, the CAS at the top of the countries is as follows:
(18 aircraft)

Rank lists:
F-16C,------JAS-39C HU,-----F-16D,

F-4F Peace Rhine lacking AGM-65D and AGM-65G Maverick missile. // // Issues

  • YES,add this in 2.34 with a-Jet
  • YES,(no pod and GBU)
  • No,and reason
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Facepalm This is going to give them a reason to delay its entrance because you want to demand it rather than waiting

sry, but “not a bug”
: )


I would like the RF-4E at a lower br at maybe 9.7 or 10.0 too

just play F-4F Early then and use the Panther Skin, because thats your RF-4E xD

this would be much lower than the F-4F early and not everyone has the early

RF4E does not solve the German CAS problem, at least the KWS-LA can play better than the Tornado when the enemy lacks AA

Or how about this, wouldn’t the F-4F ICE also be capable of doing all that? Why exactly would it be worth adding a completely separate F-4F if it’s not going to improve the F-4F that much outside of its air to ground missiles, and honestly no I am not counting the AIM-9L as the reason the F-4F in-game lacks them is because it wouldn’t be worth the cost of having it be 11.0 while lacking BVR missiles which would mean that having this as a separate F-4F would have to put up with the very issue gaijin and really anyone else would prefer to avoid. Not to mention seeing as gaijin plans to add more ARH missiles to the game in the following update would it not just be better do that to the F-4F ICE since it wouldn’t have the same issues because it has access to the AIM-120, and it’s fair to say it might just be added when they add those ARH missiles.

In my opinion why Germany really lacks is a multirole fighters. All nations except Germany have an aircraft which can carry large amounts of guided ordnance, is manoeuvrable enough to evade enemy surface-to-air missiles, and can engage enemy fighters on a equal footing. The F-4F only has 2 Mavericks, the MiG-29G is a good fighter but only has dumb bombs and rockets, and the Tornado is a brick that is only able to carry four small laser guided bombs. There is no aircraft in the German inventory that can fill this capability gap until the Tranche 2 EFT which could be years away.

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Because the German Army is “OP”, we cannot ask for a CAS that is too strong, and the F-4F-KWS-LA does exactly what is needed (more efficient than a Tornado in the absence of weather and enemy interference. AIM-120 is not in my consideration. I would only consider asking for a suitable CAS for Germany.

yes,so we ask this ,
not OP, but usful,

German multirole will be the EF-2000. In like 5 years?

Seems that way honestly

I’m all for it, I hope someday they’ll add something like this, I can’t wait

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What pylon did the F-4F carry the GBUs on?

The wing pylons, it’s in the F-4F manual as well.



Ok, I was kinda hoping that they put them in the sparrow skirts cus that would look cool.

Yeah, sadly not. The only thing that went into the sparrow bay (until AMRAAM) was an ECM pod, which went into the front left bay.