ADD F-4F KWS-LA for Germany

Has anyone flown the F-4F recently? It was really fun and seems like a great spot right now to fly it at 10.7.

yes,but f-4f-kws-la is for GRB CAS

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Germany is the ONLY nation without CAS at 11.7 or above. The ICE-LA should have been added at most 1 update after the introduction of the AIM-9M. It’d fit great at 12.0.
On top of that, the normal F-4F is still missing its 9Ls and AGM-65Gs, should get both and be bumped up to 11.0. No reason to keep artificially nerfing the vehicle when top tier isn’t 12.0 anymore. There’s not even a 10.7 lineup that keeping this thing down helps!


I understand. I’m just saying I love the plane right. Now no German phantom thread so I posted here. Hope we get all the variants.

The RF-4E KWS and F-4F Early are kinda polar opposite phantoms.
The F has a built-in cannon, Sidewinders, and no countermeasures
The E has no cannon, no missiles, but has countermeasures and bombing computer
They’re completely different vehicles


that’s what we need!!