Add an ammo resupply point in spawn

There is no reason


Drive yourself to the capture point. The end.

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Would like to see how well that would go with one shell against enemy team, having to fight for capture.

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If you have to reaload on your spawn the battle is lost.

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What if you are a SAM Truck? I had countless battles were the match was far from over but I still had no way to reload because the only capturepoint was hardly contested and essenstially a death trap for SAMs.


Yea since SPAA pretty much have to stay in spawn atleast make it So that SPAA can re-arm there!

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Only after reload of bombs and ammo for planes in the air

Why don’t I just back out to hanger instead

Planes can reload ammo and repair their vehicle at the airfield which is protected by AI emplacements that is an asinine comparison.

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You can’t reload in your spawn that is why I am asking for a resupply point to be added to your spawn.

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tanks can reload ammo at the point.

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Oh that’s wild, the point is protected by AI and is in your spawn zone? Man that’s exactly what I’m suggesting that’s crazy. Well, minus the AI protection I don’t think that’s really needed just an area for vehicles to rearm in their spawn which is the exact same benefit granted to planes.

Imagine if you could get an extra crew re-supply if you’re on control points. Likewise if you don’t have crew re-supply upgrade yet, being able to get one on point. Might add to the intensity of control points and provide bombers with more targets.

You could also include FPE charges on control points

You already get 1 without upgrade, so that’s a good change.
I think enhancing value to control points would reduce a bit of spawn camping or reduce that all out push on spawns once an advantage is achieved.

Getting 1 isn’t what I’m referring to. I’m saying as a further differentiation between ammo resupply on control points / spawn allow players to rearm FPE charges on held control points. This would be a balance change allowing tanks to survive multiple engine fires. They can easily make the timer for returning a charge slow enough that even if a heavy tank was disabled on a held control point they’d still burn to death before returning the charge.

Oh resupply them. I see. Yeah perhaps. Especially if you lose control of the control point if your team hasn’t been on it in a while, like if capping it secures it for 1 minute before having to be revisited.

Which is fough for by the enemy. And it takes forever to get a decent amount of ammo, while having to stay completly still.
All the same time a plane can safely rearm on a base in 30 seconds to it’s full capacity…

Planes have much lower armament capacity, and the shells don’t have to be handled one at a time down a hatch, through the inner compartment, to its storage tank.

Gameplay > Realism

No such mechanic is considered anywhere else, lets not start now.

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