Add an ammo resupply point in spawn

Seems balanced to me. I just wish you could select which ammo to get back. Or does it depend on which ammo you have selected? Seems like it only refills 1x per cycle to the primary ammo slot until it’s full.

Spawns should be FOB’s where tanks can resupply, repair and get crew.

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13 seconds with base qualification and max repair / rearm skill irrelevant of the bomb loadout

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This will just encourage passive play where people hover between control points and spawn, and it’ll enable bombers which already have advantageous targets at spawn where AA sits.

You aren’t doing anything at the airfield except waiting to takeoff again and hoping not to be bombed.
Where as a tank on a control point has to watch several angles and avoid being bombed.

Pretty sure it just goes in order, it’s annoying in things like an Ontos that use multiple barrels.

Imagine if CoD gameplay wasn’t encouraged.

I can’t imagine the horrors if War Thunder wasn’t CoD with wheels, truly unfathomable.

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Why would you be bombed in ground battles besides someone hovering the airfield which you should have noticed flying in?

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You mean in air battles? That’s my point. It’s rare. There really isn’t much going on in air battles while you wait to repair/rearm. Tanks have much more intense rearm scenarios.

You can rearm in Ground Realistic Battles as well as an aircraft. Yes, tanks rearming on capture points isn’t comparable. I was confused as to why you were bringing up worrying about bombers as it’s not really something I’ve seen occur in Ground Realistic Battles as a plane rearming.

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I’m talking about in air battles as a plane, there isn’t much to worry about, so it should be quick because you’re doing nothing while grounded at base. A tank holding point is a challenge to the team, so he’s doing something while being there. It’s an active position, so the rearming time and process shouldn’t be comparable to planes.

meh stop play ULQ before

The FOB would have AA and AT defence for players or AI to use.