Add 13.0

the power creep is too bad gaijinj fix it f4 can meet su27 a super broken missle carrier and f16cs mig29smts and gripens


Add 12.3 for Rank VIII ground vehicles


We also need 8.0 for bluewater fleet and 5.3 for costal fleet

±0.7Matching, which is much more useful than just stretching to 13.0.


Omg not again…


Top tier coastal is already useless in uptier facing DDs.


But you can see how a 4.3 pr.206 smash over other 3.3 and 3.7 pt boats

Yeah and if its uptiered to 5.3 it get destroyed by single salvo. Anything else?

You are not going to use a pr.206 against a destroyer face to face aren’t you?

You are not going to use a 3.3 and 3.7 pt boats against a pr.206 face to face aren’t you?

But the pt boats and pr.206 all spawn in coastal area while destroyers spawn much far away , so it is very likely you will meet a pr.206 while in a pt boat, and it is not that likely you will meet a DD in pr.206 especially when you know where to hide

Which is pointless with 10km range.

So hide with PT boats.

I actually believe the Flanker should come down to BR 11.3

For 13.0 BR, I guess it might be fighter aircraft carries 8x ~ 10x medium-range active radar homing Air-to-Air Missile and armed late 4 gen infrared Air-to-Air Missile (AIM-9M-8, AIM-9M-9, R-73M & Python 4) such as F/A-18C Hornet, Su-27SM3, F-15C Baz Meshupar, Su-34 Fullback, F-15E Strike Eagle (1993 ~ 2001) and F-15I Ra’am (1998)

man why all u play naval


I guess gajin decompress to 13.0 BR for fighter aircraft top tier in december 2024 or 12 months