Account hacked/Banned

Hi everyone, ive never posted here before, but looking for some help. Ive been playing WT for years, and ive had my account since back when it was air combat only. Ive played off/on over that time, and accumulated over 1.2k hours… Several weeks ago, I noticed my account had several presets made in chinese characters, and that I had suddenly joined a squadron. I immediately changed my password, and tried to set up the 2 factor authentication (never needed to before) but I couldnt complete the 2FA setup because it wouldnt call my phone number for the final step.

Long story short, my account wasnt accessed again since then, Im not sure how long the hackers had access to my account, but it couldnt have been more than a few days or a week at most (I go 3-7ish days at a time without playing because of work, family, etc.) but today, when i tried to sign in this morning, I was confronted with a message stating that my account was permanently banned for unsporting behavior, specifically citing the rule regarding the usage of cheating software / third party bots.

I have never cheated on this game, Ive spent hundreds of dollars on GE/premium over the years, and I have never been toxic to other players…

Have any of you had this happen, and if so, what was the fastest route for getting your account unbanned? I submitted a ticket asking support to verify my IP address, and id even be willing to run a scanning program on my computer to prove i have no cheating software.

This checks a lot of “i got caught” boxes

Why is your presumption that I was cheating? Why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars on premium(s) just to risk losing their account that they have had for such a long time? If i was going to cheat on WT, I wouldnt use a main account, and if you look at my player card/history you could clearly see that I do not cheat, my win/loss ratios and kill rates are all average, if not slightly sub-par. (im not a gigachad WT player.)

You aint getting your acc back. Some chinese stole it, was botting/cheating on it,it got banned. Easy, should have used 2FA. Your fault for not having the account protected better. Some years ago some russian tried to get into my acc,and did, spent some GE and SL,played few games,that moment i set up 2FA,changed password and noone tried to log into my acc ever since.

Alright… so time to uninstall WT i guess…

This is wildly frustrating, considering i even tried to set up 2FA and couldnt because their authentication program wouldnt call my phone number to send me the verification code, and the only response i recieved from gaijin was “Hello, thank you for contacting Gaijin Customer Support. Note that we experience issues with delivering text to certain regions at the moment, we apologize for the inonvenience. Best regards, Senior Support Specialist (IISL) Gaijin Support Team.” from a person called Alina.

Its insane that I literally tried to do everything right, and I wasnt given a solution, and now im looking at losing an account that ive had since the first year of War Thunders release…

I can even provide screenshots to prove that i tried to set up 2fa and them acknowledging that the issue was on their end, but never giving me any solution or providing any real support beyond apologizing for it not working…

Try it. But not here, this is the wrong place. You will have to go to Gaijins web site, and contact customer support.

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