Accidental Teamkills More Prevalent at Top Tier

Just like it says, there are more teamkills at top tier than at any other BR. I’ve played countless hours of 12.0 and below without many issues but the incidence of teamkills at top tier is crazy.

For context, I decided to try out the SU-27 finally after playing awhile in the Mig-29SMT. In the first 21 games, I’ve had 17 deaths with 6 by teamkill. While none of those players actually meant to teamkill, that’s still a 35% chance in each game that I’ll be teamkilled at top tier. I don’t want to overly punish poor players but perhaps teamkilling should be rewarded with a time-out just like crashing?

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I want that forgive system worked on more, it’s hard to forgive and it’s so obscure that it’s actually not known as much.

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Yeah but there’s plenty of people who won’t forgive, even if it were easy. I forget which game it was that had this setup but it should be like this: If team-killed have 2 buttons, punish and forgive. Punish would be the default…

But I also think there should be more leeway when the TK involves missiles and BVR for several reasons.

Every time I play TT jets I get TK’d at least once. It’s not always the player’s fault as missiles do often make their own minds up about what they’re to target plus it can change targets when the missile is flared/chaffed

There does need to be a system in place to punish purposeful TKs, of course… I think the reporting system would work - and I’m still okay with getting booted out of the match if you TK multiple times in a given period of time (I just don’t think game-wide ban/time out would be justified unless it’s clearly on purpose).

Also a lot of times the only available TT server has all nations on both teams so even aircraft type isn’t good enough (not that it mattes since almost every nation has an F-16 anyway)

It’s just the way the IR missiles and what not work at that BR. If you happen to intersect someone’s already fired IR missile. You’re screwed. If you’re on the other side of an enemy and they flare off the IR missile and it passes them and sees you, you’re screwed. Just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.


Checks notes…

Dang, teamkilling really is bad, they are killing you twice in one life!

By making it more pronounced, and even to the point of making another option rather than saying sorry, ‘It’s your fault!’ we could maybe end up with it reviewed more, by others.

It does need to be put in check though this teamkilling because there is too much f it often, but also the common thing too is that the point needs to be bombed sometimes and if they can get 3-4 of them for your one ‘sacrificial death’ then it can be a good thing in some instances.

I have told people to artillery me in the past when I know that the enemy is pushing up on me and I’m literally over. I submit to the TK in order to save what ground we have.

yeah… Arty should be considered “Suicide” as you’re warned it’s incoming (right? I don’t play ground).

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If I call for it, it should be… I had someone artillery me 2 times literally on the outside of the spawn whilst I was in my SPAA because they were complaining in the match about how they weren’t liking the game, where I’d seen them in the prior match say the same nonsense.

‘Dang, you really do complain don’t you…’ minutes later, being artilleried, move, when their reload had finished, I again got dropped on.