AbramsX: Future of the U.S. Army

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220px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg.png.AbramsX Technology Demonstrator: Future of the U.S. Army

Disclaimer: This post will continue to receive updates as new information is released.


The Abrams X on display featuring several enhancements over the base Abrams.

GDLS video of the new AbramsX.


The AbramsX at AUSA 2022 featuring more integrated technology.

  • Description :
    • The AbramsX Technology Demonstrator, or Abrams X is a prototype main battle tank developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, or GDLS, to provide the U.S. Army a bridge to the next generation of main battle tanks. The Abrams X is a 180-degree change from the standard M1A2 Abrams featuring a new main gun, powerful remote weapon station, new electro-optical sensors for all crew members, reduced crew to just three personnel, hybrid drive system, and more. Starting with the main gun, the Abrams X is equipped with a 120mm XM360 Lightweight L/46 Smoothbore Gun which originates from the Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicles program from the early 2000’s. The new gun is designed to be lightweight and capable of firing programmable/smart munitions such as the Army’s new XM1147 AMP, or Advanced Multi-purpose round designed to replace the M830 HEAT-T, M830A1 HEAT-MP-T, M1028 Cannister, and M908 Obstacle (HE-ORT) rounds as well as armor piercing rounds such as the M829A4 APFSDS-T, the 5th generation APFSDS-T which is part of the U.S. Army’s Advanced Kinetic Energy (AKE) program. The main gun can also fire Medium Range Munitions or MRM, which is a legacy of the Future Combat Systems program. The MRM consists of the XM1111-KE and XM1111-CE guided munition which is either a kinetic or HEAT-shaped round that can be fired out to a rough maximum range of 12km and guided through an ammunition datalink. It is unknown if development continued for these rounds or if they will be used with the AbramsX. The main gun is fed through a newly-designed 19-round cassette-style Meggitt Defense Compact Loader autoloader located in the rear of the turret and unmanned but accessible turret, removing crew members from munitions exposure. The rounds are forward facing, allowing the autoloader to directly load the gun from the bustle/cassette. Instead of using the blast doors on the Abrams during a munitions cook-off, the AbramsX features a blast plate with a small port that opens that reduces exposure and concentrates the heat/explosive forces away from the vehicle. Coupled to the main gun is a coaxial M240C which comes standard with all current Abrams. Additionally, a 30mm Kongsberg RS6 Remote Weapon Station is installed on the vehicle which features a M230 LF 30mm cannon for its primary configuration and can be adapted to fire FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles, 40mm fragmentation grenades through the installation of a grenade launcher, and an additional 7.62mm coaxial machine gun fixed to the M230 LF 30mm cannon. Given these developments in firepower, the new Abrams X can engage targets, whether they are infantry moving or bunkered, armored vehicles of all types, or low flying aircraft through multiple means at multiple ranges. Given the use of an autoloader for the main gun, the vehicle’s crew requirement has been reduced to 3. This allows for the complete unmanning of the turret significantly increasing survivability. The three crew members are located in the front of the vehicle in a side-by-side configuration where the driver station is on a normal Abrams. The Commander most likely has access to the Kongsberg RS6 Protector RWS as well as a Safran PASEO Long Rang Panoramic Targeting Sight, an electro-optical sight with the latest FLIR. The Gunner also has access to a PASEO Panoramic electro-optical sight, both of which feature integrated laser rangefinder. The Driver and other crew members have access to cameras that cover the vehicles exterior providing 360-degree situational awareness. The vehicle is expected to integrate augmented reality visors within the helmets for some functionality of the vehicle. The Abrams X utilizes composite armor for crew protection, featuring a reinforced front plate to protect the crew stations and vital components. The turret can implement composite armor to protect the main gun and autoloader system from penetration and cook-off. The demonstrator does not have any armor in the turret. Additional composite armor can be added depending on mission requirements such as urban environments. No real specifications have been released on armor protection, but most likely can incorporate next-generation depleted uranium armor similar to that of the M1A2 SEPv3/SEPv4 Abrams main battle tank. Due to the vehicle featuring an unmanned turret, the crew is separated from the armament of the vehicle that in the event of armor failure, the crew would be protected while onboard fire-extinguishing systems extinguish the fire. The vehicle’s propulsion also has received a major change. The Abrams X replaces the venerable multi-fuel Honeywell AGT1500 engine with a new Advanced Combat Engine, or ACE, a parallel hybrid diesel-electric engine that was developed between Cummins and the Army’s Research Laboratory. It has two main operating modes, ‘Silent Watch’ also known as ‘Silent Mode’, an electric mode with DC motor propulsion or the ‘Combat Mode’ which features running on the standard diesel engine. While operating in ‘Silent Mode’ the vehicle is expected to be near silent with the exception of the tracks and other vital components, allowing the Abrams X to maneuver quietly around adversaries. Another focus of this new engine was to increase efficiency (up to 50% more efficient) and continue the Pentagon’s push for environmental policies or ‘going green’. It is unknown what the power capability of this new engine will be, but the engine comes in a 3, 4, and 6 cylinder variations with ranges from 750hp, 1,000hp, and 1,500hp respectively. Most likely it is the 1,500hp 6-cylinder variant. This engine is coupled with the Advanced Combat Transmission-1000 (ACT-1000), a new transmission designed to operate with the two different operating modes. Other technologies incorporated is the use of MUM-T or mobility, manned/unmanned teaming, new battlefield network/communication equipment, AI-technology, and more. The integration of these technologies is due to the AbramsX open digital architecture. Further details are emerging of the ability to launch Switchblade drones and control them using the advanced digital architecture/MUM-T functionality. The Abrams X is equipped with multiple countermeasure systems such as an integrated Israeli-Trophy hard-kill APS system, better streamlined than the version found on later SEPv variants of the Abrams, 36x smoke grenade launchers (4x M257 Smoke Launchers in the front of the turret, 2x on the sides of the turret, and 2x in the rear of the turret) capable of firing the 66mm M82 smoke grenades, and the AN/VVR-4 Laser/Missile Warning Receiver. The new AbramsX also focuses on weight reduction bringing the weight down to 49 tons from over 66 tons of the latest Abrams! This was due to lighter composite armor, the new main gun, consolidation of electronics, new 570P3 lightweight tracks, and engine replacement. The Abrams X is a tank demonstrator, still a work in progress with many more technologies planned to be incorporated. In early June, 2022, GDLS announced that a new Abrams was under development featuring a teaser/promotional image showing the outline of the vehicle alongside a new Stryker APC. On October 8th, GDLS further shocked the military community with a video showing the AbramsX technology demonstrator for the first time. Following this, mostly if not complete model of the AbramsX was displayed on October 10th, 2022 at AUSA 2022. It is unknown if the Army will adopt the AbramsX as the next segment of the Abrams family or use its technology as a stepping stone to build a brand new main battle tank to replace the long-serving, battle hardened M1-series Abrams main battle tank. Please see the mine and community’s suggestions for other M1-series main battle tanks!
  • Armament:
    • Main Weapon: 120 mm XM360 LW L/46 Smoothbore Gun
      • Caliber: 120x570mmR
      • Ammunition:
        • M829A4 APFSDS-T
        • M830 HEAT-T
        • M830A1 HEAT-MP-T
        • M908 HE-ORT
        • M1028 Cannister
        • XM1147 AMP
        • XM1111 MRM-KE (Kinetic Energy) Guided Round
          • Warhead: Kinetic Energy Penetrator
          • Max Range: 12km
          • Speed: 1700m/s
          • Guidance: Dual-mode MMW, Imaging Infrared (IIR) Autonomous Seeker/Semi-Active Laser
          • Firing Capability: LOS/BLOS
        • XM1111 MRM-CE (Chemical Energy) Guided Round
          • Warhead: Shaped HEAT
          • Max Range: 12km
          • Speed: 1700m/s
          • Guidance: Dual-mode MMW, Imaging Infrared (IIR) Autonomous Seeker/Semi-Active Laser
          • Firing Capability: LOS/BLOS
      • Elevation: ~+20°/-10°
      • Feed Mechanism: 19rd Meggitt Defense Compact Loader (Autoloader)
        • Note: This is not the same Meggitt Defense Compact Loader found on the MD’s website, it is a new design from MD that feeds rounds directly from the cassette/bustle.
      • Rate of Fire (RoF): 12rds/min (5 second reload)
    • Additional Weapons:
      • Coaxial 7.62mm M240C Medium Machine Gun
      • 30mm Kongsberg Protector RS6 Remote Weapon Station
        • Primary Armament: M230 LF 30mm cannon
          • Caliber: 30x113mm
        • Optional Armament:
          • 40mm Grenade Launcher
          • Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun
          • FGM-184 Javelin Missile System
            • Characteristics:
              • Mass: 15.9kg (Missile/Tube)
              • Length:
                • Missile: 1.1m
                • Launch Tube: 1.2m
              • Diameter:
                • Missile: 127mm
                • Launch Tube: 142mm
              • Target Acquisition: Fire and Forget
              • Guidance: Infrared Homing
              • Engine: Solid-fuel Rocket
              • Warhead:
                • Type: Tandem-charge HEAT
                • Weight: 8.4kg
                • Penetration:
                  • 750mm through RHA
                  • 600mm through RHA w/ ERA
              • Detonation Mechanism: Impact
              • Effective Range: 4,750m (from vehicles)
              • Flight Patterns: Top Attack & Direct-Fire
              • Max Height: 150m Top Attack/60m Direct-Fire
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 1,500hp (Most Likely Version) Advanced Combat Engine (ACE) - Parallel Hybrid Diesel-electric Engine
    • Transmission: Advanced Combat Transmission-1000 (ACT-1000) (32-speed Gear-shift System)
    • Chassis: High-hardness-steel Torsion Bars w/ Rotary Shock Absorbers
    • Max Speed: +60km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: ~7.9m
    • Width: ~3.7m
    • Height: ~2.5m
    • Weight: 49t (54 US tons)
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Driver
    • Gunner
  • Features:
    • Integrated PASEO Laser Rangefinder (7km Capable)
    • 8x M257 66mm Smoke Grenade Launchers (total of 36x M82 smoke grenades).
    • AN/VVR-4 Laser/Missile Warning Receiver
    • Integrated Trophy Hard-kill APS System
    • Combat Modes:
      • ‘Silent Watch’ or Silent Mode’ for all-electric propulsion, reducing noise emissions significantly.
      • ‘Combat Mode’ for using the diesel engine in standard combat operations.
    • Unmanned Turret w/ Autoloader
    • Blast Plate with Ejection Port to prevent cook-off detonation (Similar to Blast Doors on other Abrams variants).
    • Modular Armor, adaptable for mission requirements with possible next-generation DU compatibility.
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: Safran PASEO 3rd-generation FLIR Panoramic Electro-optical Sight
      • Commander:
        • Safran PASEO 3rd-generation FLIR Panoramic Electro-optical Sight
          • ‘Hunter Killer’ Capable
        • Kongsberg RS6 RWS
      • Driver: Exterior Cameras (360-degree Cameras )
        • Expected to have thermal capability.
  • Reason for Implementation:
    • This thing is an absolute unit. The Abrams X features several survivability and firepower enhancements over the latest Abrams variant in-game, the M1A2. In terms of firepower, the Abrams-X features a very fast, 5-second reloading gun that can fire a wide variety of munitions such as the XM1147 AMP and M829A4 APFSDS-T that can target main battle tanks and low-flying aircraft. If that isn’t enough, the Abrams X is equipped with a Kongsberg RS6 RWS with a 30mm autocannon that is practically the same as the one found on the AH-64D Apache that can make short work of vehicle modules, light to medium vehicles, and pesky low-flying helicopters. This RWS can even further be enhanced with a Javelin missile system, 40mm grenade launcher, and another 7.62mm coaxial machine gun to be a true multi-mission platform. What also pairs with firepower is the unique use of a rapid fire, 5-second autoloading system for an Abrams, allowing the AbramsX to continue to reload even as crew members are knocked out or using fire extinguishing systems. This autoloading system is located in an unmanned turret which separates the crew and the armament and is equipped with a blast door in the case of an ammo detonation increasing survivability tremendously. This coupled with the scalable add-on armor allows the Abrams to brawl other main battle tanks effectively or remain hull-down for maximum survivability/crew safety. One unique factor of the AbramsX is the use of its new propulsion system. Being able to go into ‘Silent Watch’ allows the Abrams to ‘sneak’ up on targets and eliminates a major vulnerability from the Abrams in-game, its very loud, unique engine emissions. Not to mention using an electric system and it’s new light weight of only 49 metric tons, the AbramsX can rapidly accelerate and turn on a dime. The AbramsX is also equipped with the in-game proven Trophy Hard-kill APS systems as well as warning receivers. The AbramsX also uses the latest-generation FLIR/Thermal technology eliminating another drawback to the Abrams found in-game. The AbramsX is expected to be the peak of the USA Ground Forces Tree and will be at maximum Battle Rating. It is worth noting that the UFP and LFP (like the M1A2-series) are not as vulnerable as they are in-game, as it is layered in DU/composite inserts capable of withstanding modern day kinetic or chemical-based rounds.
    • Main competitor to the AbramsX:
      • T-14 Armata - USSR
  • Sources:












Different views of the AbramsX at AUSA 2022.




Different views of the Abrams X main battle tank.



Bonus images!


Abrams X turret testing.


Rear view of the Autoloader ejection port.


Rendering of the Abrams X.



Promotional imagery of the new Abrams X.



Crew layout within the vehicle.



Main gun of the Abrams X.


Different versions of the XM1111 round.


Kinetic Energy version of the round.


Kongsberg RS6 Remote Weapon Station fully equipped with multiple weapons.




Safran PASEO sight and display hardware used by the Gunner and Commander.


AN/VVR-4 Warning Receiver integrated into the new AbramsX.


The M829A4 APFSDS-T round.


Advanced Combat Engine and Advanced Combat Transmission.


Diehl 570P3 Track configuration.


Meggitt Defense Combat Loader autoloader, similar to that used in the AbramsX.


StrykerX that also made its debut after being announced alongside the new AbramsX.


The last time a USA main battle tank featured this style of vehicle layout i.e. autoloader, crew lined up at driver’s station, etc. is in 1983 with the testing of the Abrams TTB.


Now with rank 8, I really want to see that thing in game! ^^


+1. Hopefully it will get some DU armor


Such a fantastic piece of engineering art deserves to be featured in War Thunder! +1

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I think it’s a decent suggestion, but please learn what a paragraph is because the description is a huge brick of text. Since I’m not sure if I want this ingame, I won’t give it a +1 but I will give it a +0.5.

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The 30 mm also has the possibility of getting proximity fuse rounds, either the XM1211 or XM1223

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Can i get more info on the difference between the 19 round auto-loader and the newer compact auto-loader shown on the MD Website ? Are there Diagramms for the 19 round auto-loader ?