Abrams SEP V2 Trophy APS

Hey guys, curious on US players thoughts. The SEP V2 is capable of mounting the trophy APS. This was a late stage modification, done to see its effectiveness for beginning lifecycle use on the SEPV3, I found a journalism article stating too that they would “be used on SEPV2s that need them”, assuming V2s that wont get upgraded to V3s, but to give most of the capability. Would anyone like to collaborate for a suggestion? I tried submitting it as an issue, but was hit with “not a bug” and told to make a suggestion, I say thats 50/50, as it is a possible life cycle modification. Also considering most all other missing modification bug reports are getting forwarded to devs. I would do it, but have been busy with work and moving. I have the PDF for this image. This modification could be huge in helping the currently very underwhelming SEP V2.

Thank you


that wont happen, you have to buy the prem tank if you want that upgrade. They wont add anything that would be beneficial to the abrams unless its in a prem tank.

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Honestly its really upsetting it comes to this. Thats a fear I’m having of why they denied it. Thats why we need to speakup and make a popular voice for it. The SepV2 is embarrassingly lackluster. 11.7/12.0 with no APS even, and still M829A2, no armor upgrade. Even if we get those things, we’re long into APS territory. The SEPV3 would differ by just adding M829A4, an under armor power generator for better offline running, LP crows, and better FLIR. We already have russian tanks as early as 8.7!! With APS…Britain gets it on its Challys, etc.

Also, i’d suggest the Trophy as a last tier mod for the V2, since its a late life cycle item. Its far more than justified

When we have T-80s that experimentally mounted Thermals once, and now its on every T80 of that model as a mod, Yak 141 with a never even mounted radar, it simply had a cutout for it, etc…


does not really mean much t-90m is able to mount arena-m does it get it in game no


Way different. Kind of tired of this “russian can” or “is to”. Youre seeing an actual image of the Trophy mounted in the SEP V2.

The justification youre making is the exact same as the Yak141 that “should” have a radar and the T-80 that “prototype mounted thermals”.

Russia has tons of "is to"s. Until its mounted in the T90M 2020, its not valid

Regardless, if I’m wrong and its mounted and works, make a suggestion dude.

But whyre you trying to come in here and undercut the Abrams because of…a russian tank…


Even Premium tank Abrams don’t have anything over the normal Abrams…

KVT is just an M1…
“Click Bait” (Aptly named) is just a HC… without a shovel option.

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KVT isnt even correctly modeled lol.

Case and point

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For the millionth time they thoroughly explained why they made that decision and it makes perfect sense.

Not really? It was a terrible decision. They couldve picked literally anyreal M1 from history, and that wouldve been significantly cooler.

Also we have Tier 8 now, so now what? They couldnt wait a few months?

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Yes they did. They wanted a unique vehicle for 10.3 US for an MBT since Russia, China, Germany, and Israel tanks are at or near the 10.0 BR since the US didn’t t have a 10+ br tank. They stated very clearly that the M1A1 is too strong for 10.3

Clickbait is an entirely different tank. They aren’t going to re model the KVT because it doesn’t fill the need they wanted it to fill.

It seems like youre entirely missing the point

Anyways, I made this topic to talk about the SEP V2, not the M1 KVT


Deflection because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

Wrong. We just have different opinions, and I dont want to get into a rabbit hole. Make a thread about why you think the M1 KVT is right, and ill go debate you there


But the base M1 was never a KVT variant. The one in game is a paper tank. Gaijin has now created something even though all evidence shows it never existed in that form.

Yet they can’t be bothered to estimate values for something we can prove exists, and that they’ve estimated values for on a different part of the tank.


But I guess Trophy can be added. Why not? It’s actually appeared in other forms than prototype.

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Thank you for your support. Ill add more photos and links


click bait has electro-optical active protection system which will help with laser guided bombs but thats really the only upgrade over the tech tree, that and the prem bonous

Thats standard on the HC though

Its just a reskin


I found time and made the suggestion, any help is appreciated. Hopefully it gets approved. Information on its protection characteristics would be extremely helpful!

There’s no point in adding APS to this early of a variant, seeing as the SEPv3 was known to be produced with APS, and apart from said APS the SEPv3 brought nothing much to the table other than a new FCC (no difference in-game), and a breechblock MKM-DL module (no difference in-game).
It can fire M829A4, which is identical in every way to M829A3 except for its adaptation to said systems of the SEPv3.

To add M829A3 would also warrant new ammunition for every other nation. The step from M829A2 to M829A3 is monstrous, and shots such as 3BM59/70, SHARD, DM73, and so on, would need to be added to give any sort of competition to it.

And America has its AN/VLQ-8A

We have the 1992 variant of T-80U in-game, which was manufactured and deployed with AGAT-S. you’re speaking of the Buran-PA tests done on the 1985 T-80U.
In testing the Yak-141 used a slightly smaller version of the MiG-29’s N010, hence what it has in-game.

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