About splitting warthunder aircraft realistic

When I played F100DD before, I found that I would always be with those AV8, F5C, A10, SU25. The F100D was the world’s first supersonic fighter-bomber, first flying in 1953. The AV8 is an attack aircraft that first flying in 1966, and I have not been able to find specific information on the F5C, but it is certainly also an excellent fighter of the 60s, and compared to these excellent attack aircraft 10 years later, the F100D can only rely on F100D player flying skill and head on,hope that 4 m39a1 can get crit hit
or kill. The A10A was an attack aircraft that first flying in 1975. The SU25 is an attack aircraft which first flying in 1975 too,commissioned in 1984. Both attack aircraft have high-performancemissiles, while the F100D does not have any anti-jamming measures. Such a battle is very difficult for this type of classic aircraft (not just for the F100D, but also for all similar first-generation supersonic and last subsonic aircraft). So, here, I propose to classify by realistic algebra or by length of service. In this way, there will inevitably be fighters that are too powerful, and some fighters are weaker, but the relative will allow players to experience the performance of different aircraft instead of now for the so-called balance but lead to more unfairness, hope to adopt, grateful---------my Translation may not very Precision but i think This is not difficult to understand