About SKR7

I have been playing the Soviet navy frigate SKR7 recently, but I found that her main gun ammunition will be consumed very quickly now.
I tried to check the previous videos and found that there seems to be a change in the amount of ammunition, but I didn’t find the relevant log report. I wonder when she made the change, or was it just a BUG?

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It was changed for balancing reasons. It could engage destroyers and small ships with inpunity and they changed the ready rack capacity and overheat period to bring it down a notch.


Here is the change:

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Thank you for your answer. But I still feel sad to hear the news.

Thank you, but SKR7 will face destroyers in many games. I feel very sad to see the news.

The game is totally not balanced. The blue water fleet is way too strong compare with coastal fleet. Skr1/7 shares the sane spawn with destroyers and it is the only frigate can fight against destroyers. This nerf won’t change its dominant firepower against gun boat and now coastal fleet is even weaker. Can’t see the future of the coastal fleet tech tree.

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It shouldn’t be able to easily kill destroyers, because it is a much smaller ship. Of course it should be able to kill coastal boats because it is a bigger ship. Part of it was from the 76mm documentation and the rest was for balancing. It was out of control for a 4.3 frigate, and now it is much better in terms of balance overall.


Definitely, a smaller ship shouldn’t kill a bigger destroyer so easily. You’re right, I agree.

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