AAB Ground Strike missions need to be longer

It is really bugging me how quickly AAB Ground Strike missions seem to be over most of the time, usually in 5-6 minutes, meaning it is really difficult to get proper mission score or progress your missions - and good luck trying to get something like Hero of the Skies!
I can’t point at when exactly this issue began, but I feel like the battles used to last much longer. The gameplay is at a point that I mostly hope to get Frontline, and Conquest missions (unless I’m playing bombers), because those battles at least don’t feel like they end prematurely, after less than 30 ground targets being destroyed. It doesn’t even make sense to end so fast, considering how little score the ground targets are worth on most maps. And to make it worse, the AI units destroy each other too.
I really hope this gets addressed soon, and the ground targets reduce tickets at a lower pace.


It’s rather bad, particularly at lower tiers. Years ago the battle ended when all of the ground targets had been destroyed, with 8-12 minute battles the norm. Now, they routinely end in less than 4 minutes.

How is this practical, engaging or enjoyable?

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