AAA of convoys still problematic


Every now and again I try a game where I see if convoys are approachable or not. Gaijin did a good job with the aaa over bot battles. It’s scary but you can face it and win if you’re careful. Convoy AAA meanwhile is still so strong that it is basiclaly impossible to attack it or complete the objective. Gaijin, please look at the issue and try to fix it. Right now convoys are empty objectives that cannot be completed unless you are at tier so high you have access to guided munitions.


these convoys were probably originally created for high tier battles only. to use guided weapons against convoys as you rightly say.
After the introduction of the EC rotation, everything shifted somehow. even the ground units. and now we also have these high tier convoys in lower BRs.

the reason is simply explained. Gaijin doesn’t work thoroughly on the sim EC scenarios. Gaijin just bang something uncharitably and are done with it. that’s this completely lackluster AB/RB “ideology”. build something without polish.

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They’ve undone all the nerfs they added back in May. It really sucks. We were on track to having Convoys, if not attackable, certainly not a major map hazard. and then they went an un-did all of it. Battlefields still seem fine currently. But bases and Convoys, my god. I flew too close to one the other day, and was nailed instantly. I was doing Mach 1.07 at 50ft. It shot me through a tree line.

Even at top tier, they are unkillable unless you are in something like a Harrier Gr7 with AGMs and because of how fast you fly, its easy to fly too close to them. Speed, and ultra low alt, does nothing to protect you.

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enemy spaa also fire on you without even radar lock, lmao a joke

I think the team/guy in charge of SB is overall doing a good job. Sim is the best balanced game mode in all of WT to make an example, the BR rotation used is excellent, BRs given to ther various planes is in general good with some exception. Convoys tho have been a problem for YEARS now, and they still are. Unfortunately. Because attacking them would actually be fun…


AAA from bases in TIER II is also damm good killers. You have to be at least 3000m and pray. And if you destroy a base, the score is very very low. Imagine this on a SM79…

I understand base AAA more than conviy tho. Convoys are supposed to be approached and do cas, so you have to be close, and they are untouchable now. Bases on the other hand are supposed to be engaged from high alt, so you dont need to get close. Climb and the job will be done

It’s a F*** Nightmare :(

Or loft your bombs. (though only really possible in higher EC brackets)

yes sim is the best balanced game mode in the entire WT.
despite this, sim is listless and sloppily implemented. and world of warplanes or AB/RB was never my benchmark either.
It’s pure luck for Gaijin that no other company builds a better simulation with many aircraft. then we sim players would not be sitting here.