AA Missle lock bug

i just dont know what to do i had now several times the Bug that i just cant lock onto an heli even within 2 km of rang no lock nothing was in the way clear sky i was using the Gepard 1A2 with the FIM-92K Missels could never kill the Spawn camper helis because my missles always be like well no.

its so nice that i just cant hit anything because this Preaim Guide dont work too it shows me a spot where to shot shoting inside no hit, shoting outside the Cicle, around one the line of circle never a single hit turning it off aiming myself kill after kill why is there a function that just dont work from my view

Afaik it’s not a bug just the thermal shielding stuff being just so good that manpads just require to be terribly close.

If a heli is 2 km away just use your Gepard´s guns lol. You can reach the heli with them on up to 3.5 km range.

Gepard HE shells autodestruct at 3km?

Unless something changed, then dont, cause PGZ09 uses same shells and i have multiple Mi-4 kills in hover over 3km with it. Also APDS dont self destruct, so that are also possible to use.

I wouldnt waste sabots on heli but thats just me.

As for maximum range, i need to go try it in test drive but im damn sure gepard HE shells have self destruct distance.

the problem is they like seeing that im shoting and doing a barrel roll 2km is just to much time to shot them with the basic gun

I never said they dont, i just said its further than 3.5km tho not by much.

MANPADS/IRSAMs with dual IR/UV seekers (Namely Stinger, Mistral, and MIM-72G) have an insufficient lock range. Gaijin simply refuses to acknowledge this fact. Because of this, inferior missiles such as Strela-3 end up having much longer locking ranges than these technically superior missiles.



Bug report here:

Because Russia must be better than NATO.

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