AA and aircraft imbalance

i am quitting playing AA for good, and i may just quit the game for a second time like i did 8 years ago.

the reason being the pure B/S that is AA versus aircraft, and aircraft vs tanks.

i started to play this many years ago, initially i found it enjoyable, then i found it frustrating, then i found it irritating AF, to teh point that i uninstalled it outright.

i am sick to the back teeth having wave after wave of 1000lb bombs dropped on my tanks.

i am also sick to the back teeth of the apparent lack of accuracy of AA compared to aircraft, PLUS the fact that aircraft remain operable even after killed.
yes, ive heard the arguments that airmen could still operate their guns after being injured, but NOT after being dead!!
the same argument could be made for tanks, one in the chamber? then why cant it be possible for a gunner to press the button one final time?
a killed airman flopping forward on his yoke could in theory press his trigger as he goes down, but then flopping forward on the yoke would cause the aircraft to nosedive directly into the ground, NOT kite endlessly ending up killing a tank, he DEAD, he CANT AIM, he CANT STEER AN AIRCRAFT!
hes either dead or hes not fkn dead!
if an aircraft is ‘destroyed’ then that should include all crew and functionality!.

my second point about this, a tanker can launch wave after wave of air attacks killing countless tanks, earning LOADS of points all without any risk or forfeiture.
he can smash his plane directly into a tank, destroying that tank at a cost to the tank operator, but at NO COST to himself!!!

this is complete B/S, and it needs to be adressed and remedied fast.

AA is completely irrelevant and redundant in this game, the aiming reticle is so big you can shoot a 1000 rounds directly on that reticle and miss everytime.
then the reticle is WRONG, IT DOESNT WORK


Skill issue.


It is silly that they can spawn planes they do not own and get kills and rewards with zero risk.

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Another player with a skill issue I guess.


Try realistic or be aware of the availability of air power in battle.

Or try playing Aircraft in place of tanks.

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why would i want to play aircraft when i downloaded the game to play tanks??

you sound like one of the ‘Tankers’ that get all your kills by dropping 1000lb bombs, gfys

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More like I am someone who plays the whole game and uses all teh assets I can, rather than someone who apparently lacks skill in one aspect and so complains about those who use it.

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He said “they” do it - but air power is available to everyone.

If he is not using it then that is a skill issue because he is not using all the assets available to him.

This is just the usual ad hominem from someone who doesn’t actually have a reasonable point to make.

AA ?? what AA. just get premium 2S38, that Illegal but now totally “legal” thingy that a lot of “players” using and Gaijin is turning a blind eye on it and tadaaa, you got your perfect AA, don’t even need to sit and play, just plug it and go walk or do stuff.

btw some maps are too damn SHORT, and i dont mean match length, its just, planes spawning at 2km range and my Gepard 1A2 already in bombing range, while my slow ass capture radar is still seeking for target.

but sure, Gaijin got everything under control and balance so…yea, have fun

Aircraft lose control instantly when the pilot is knocked out. Get your facts straight!

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I think if you pilot snipe the player is out immediately. If you ‘kill’ other ways in Gaijin standard you disabled to plane in such a way that in the long term it cannot survive, but the pilot is not dead so in many ways people are counted as a kill to early. But okay, this part I can understand is annoying.

What I find sometimes annoying and often just rather funny and bizar is people downloading Warthunder with all its locations from the great battles if modern history joining in this reenactment of the battles and then all the time telling this is not about realism.

90 percent of Japanese cruisers were sunk by allied airplanes, yet Warthunder naval and ground players want modes without planes. Guess what, the feeling is probably realistic in a battle setting, all Japanese sailors and German tanker would have loved a war without planes…

It is like asking for a tractor simulator without having to farm, a Formula 1 simulator without having to race, or a race without Max Verstappen.

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It’s frustrating to be killed by a plane, but I don’t see it as dramatic.
With machine guns you can kill them, I don’t play AA and I kill planes easily. With the Marder A1 I kill a lot of planes for example.

I usually take the planes from the AB and it is difficult to get close to particular AA.


I agree with some of your frustrations, but not this part. I just played a game where two enemy air craft attacked my team, but I shot them with my Bosvark (critical damage, no part mentioned though) and they ran away. Sometimes critical damage is meaningless and the plane bombs me anyhow, but this time I deterred them. Although I didn’t get any good score for my effort, my team was able to advance.

Try Ystervark, Bosvark or R3 T20. If everyone would stop playing Russia and Germany, and try British spaa or Italy 5.7 spaa then nobody would complain about CAS. The only problem is your idiot team not responding to a threat, because they are 14 year old boys who want to boast only about KD ratio. If there’s a PE 8 coming and nobody warns you, that’s a problem with your team. I regularly use commands when I play spaa. I’ll ask for air support or I’ll ask for repairs, but 99% of the time nobody cares because the player-base is selfish and low IQ.

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From someone who is rather sad at tanks and only average at planes it looks like this:

  • I find AAA useable, people tend to fly straight at you way too often… but I don’t know 5.0 or 7.0 AAAs… (yes I get nailed by by bombs from nowhere, but I could have been moving to cover, my awareness issue, my tunnel vision)
  • When I get a Plane, for me that is a chance, as I am more likely to win in the air than on the ground, due to some tankers apparently not flying often… BUT:
  • Half of the time, I get any (sometimes awful) plane and a guy spawns directly on my six, 100m below, 600m away. So consider some hopelessly wasted runs. I am from Japan, why do I get a PE3 with rockets ? ; )
    (in sea battles distances are huge too)
  • Nobody complains about the tons of kills and assists you get with tank MGs on planes. But it happens if even I get enough.
  • When I have a good air streak in arcade, my tank is dead 9/10 when I return. Impunity ? not much

Don’t want to go on too long, what I am trying to say is this: Get acquainted with the planes, they are useful, kill encamped folk. You can also use AAA if I can (who is not good at using them against tanks). Yes, being able to nail you in a perfect tank spot is what airforce is for, it is sadly part of a tankers/seamens life in WW2 to fear thze plane.

(I fear bofors on Destroyers in a plane)

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my issue is not ‘being bombed’ per se, its the 1000lb+ square mile deletion devices it seems every bomber is dropping these days.
there is no scope of escape from such a device even if dropped by blind pugh dropping it 50 meters away.

there is zero skill required to drop and kill with 1000lb+ bombs.

a 500lb bomb is MORE than adequate to kill a tank, but ive seen spawn zones completely wiped of 6 or more tanks with one bomb.

its downright ridiculous.

oh, and as for deleting camped players…i thought that was what artillery was for?
buts its not the issue is it. its players sitting beyond your skill range to kill, those with a bit of skill required to kill from over 1mile away, you can just hop in a plane and delete the lot.

there is no forfeiture for losing a plane, having it crash, killing the crew, makes zero difference to the game, however losing a TANK costs a respawn, we get three respawn per game. but some prefer to turn their 3 respawn into 9 by sitting at the back waiting for the bomber indicator to light up.
to those players i say " fk off and play planes in air battles"