AA aiming has been changed in the last week or so

so, last week i was able to hit an aircraft by aiming either on or near the aiming indicator with my AA, the german Sd AA
i was getting 2 or 3 kills per deployment.
and then all of a sudden i could not hit a plane for love nor money.
initially i thought i was having a bad day, but over several days it occured to me that something was definitely wrong/changed about the mechanics of aiming.

so i took the AA to the test grounds and LO! i was unable to hit any plane at all!
after much experimentation, i was finally able to hit a plane by giving twice as much lead as the aiming indicator suggested.

this was absolutely NOT the case just a week or so prior, i would suggest it has been since the last update.

strangely my russian AA aiming remains the same, that being on or around the aim indicator on the planes…

im having enough trouble staying with the game in its current form as it is, what with 1000lb and 2000lb ordinance, rockets and the god like penetration of aircraft 20mm rounds.
im nearing my tolerance limit whether or not i should spend my life playing this vastly unbalanced B/S re planes v tanks as it is.

screwing over the AA to favor planes is something i WONT be tolerating.

Skill issue to be followed up with a dramatic exit


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asinine response by somebody who is otherwise clueless as to the nature of the issue.



The aiming indicator shows where to shoot if the plane flies at a straight line with constant distance from you. Most of the time, that’s not the case. Watch the indicator move, how it gets closer or farther from the plane, then aim where the indicator will go.

If your bullets intersect the same line with the plane in 3 seconds, then you need to shoot where the aiming indicator will be after 3 seconds.

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you clearly DID NOT read my post!

i already stated i had no problem killing planes, i understand that the aim needs to be adjusted for a plane that is manouvering, but it is as you state ‘watch the indicator move, how it gets closer or father from the plane’
all perfectly understood, but then WHY do i have to aim TWICE the distance the aim indicator indicates on a plane flying a flat trajectory in the test area???

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I don’t know what type of vehicle or ammo belt do you use. The indicator is calculated for only one type of the bullet in the belt. So like if it calculated for the AP shells in the belt, then the HE ones will follow much slowly then will meet the plane’s line way after the plane due to the velocity and mass difference between HE and AP shells.
Try to use a belt that contains only one type of bullet. I would recommend you to use HE which makes significantly more damage than the AP ones which are mostly useless against plane.
like Ostwind, or Ostwind II.

If you are already using the belt that has one type of bullet, then that might be some delay between server and your client, so the plane might be more ahead than it seen in your client.

Asinine is thinking that anyone really cares what someone posts here regarding their tolerance limts because they have a problem with game mechanics. Instead of spending your life playing WT, suggest occasionally getting outside for some fresh air. The possible social interaction you may experience could be a boost to your social skills.

Then again, a large bird might crap on your head. No matter the results, hope you have a very special day!

I already told you how the lead indicator works but you still insist in disregarding any opinion of very experienced players. I also told you that during events server sync is usually worse and that affects how much you have to lead, and that would explain why you told in the other thread that you had to lead more than normal.

But you had to create another thread to get the same answers… 😅


No, but sounds like you’d probably be able to relate to one quite well.

Had the pleasure of looking through your past posts and how you have been struggling with your skill issue pertaining to AA for some time. It seems to have been going on since at least July of last year.

Will you be quitting AA for good as you posted in this gem?

“Skill issue to be followed up with a dramatic exit”

I rest my case


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You clearly don’t cause I’ve been killing planes all night.

You don’t have to be playing the event, I said “during events” and the event is done by playing “Random Battles” which is what everyone plays regularly.

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When I read comments like that I just remember watching the official War Thunder stream when the official streamers, who are good RB players, tried to play a few matches in Ground AB. They are still good RB players, but it didn’t went well for them in AB. Probably went there with a similar mindset that seems to be shared by many RB players.

check my stats, though they arent the whole thing, this is not my first account.

1900 or so battles

3hrs playing tanks
2hours playing spaa

1200 plane kills.

suuuuure, i dont know wtf im doing

You got 1413 ground battles,

3 DAYS and 9h of playint tanks(light and medium),
2 DAYS and 19h of playing SPAA

1212 air kills

I got 2.5 MONTHS in ground battles,

1.6 MONTHS in tanks(light and medium),
3 DAYS and 3 hours of playing SPAA

4532 air kills

And you think that I don’t know what I’m talking about…

I already told you what usually happens during events, bad server sync, in simple terms you are looking at the past and have to lead more than what you usually would have to.

But you can still get the air kills:
Just a few hours ago, 8 air kills, 5 of them made with an SPAA, I ran out of ammo and for some reason I couldn’t replenish my ammo on the blue cap point.

I don’t play ground but I can empathize and I’m sorry that there are some losers who feel the need to be pricks for no reason.

My issue - in Air Arcade - seems to be entirely a function of lag and how lag and packet loss is handled in the game. I believe this has indeed changed in the last week or two. Since the so-called server “fixes” over the weekend it does appear to be marginally better. For me the effect is that the amount of lead I need in aiming is highly variable - I have to monitor my ping rate and packet loss and try to adjust accordingly. Some games ping is low and I have no PL and I can count on shots hitting when and where I think they should. Other times, reviewing replays, it’s clear I’m aiming way behind even if in game it appears to be way ahead.

Anyway I don’t have a solution but wanted to acknowledge that I think the in-game model for this is being tweaked regularly and it’s not your imagination.


well thanks for the dose of sanity, much appreciated.

and the latest bullshit favouring planes??
'having the wing ripped off when the maximum carry load is exceeded no longer results in 'destruction.
no suuure, these fkn amazeballs ‘well balanced’ craft can even fly and steer without wings.
makes you wonder why they even build them with wings in the first place!
i wonder if they will dispense with the wheels and tracks on tanks…

I’m not a very good AA player, when I go full AA (AA vehicle, only AA rounds, almost stationary) I can only do 1-2 kills in average and anything decrease that a lot, and by anything I mean ping, packet losses (PL), connection issues sometimes not related by Gaijin servers, etc maybe that’s your case. =/