A7E corsair II AGM65 Mavericks?

Is it possible that the A7E are gonna receive mavs? Believe it or not i prefer mavricks over walleyes even tho walleyes are all around better.

For now i will stick to the A7D until A7E gets mavricks.

The mavericks the A-7E carried are IR and have like 140kg HE warheads, so I would say they would be an improvement over the walleyes it carries now and better than the shaped charged mavericks overal, as the damage most likely would be more reliable.

Not to mention the A-7E, I think, doesn’t use the triple maverick mount so maverick count would be limited anyways, so I think it could get it. Though at the same time, long range tracking missiles might be too strong for 10.7, but it’s also no A-7K which gets more mavericks (albeit worse ones) as well as AIM-9Ls.

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and theyre both overtiered anyway