A6M5 Ko Reisen: unplayable on 5.3

"I’ve been playing this plane in 2647 realistic battles for a long time. When I bought the package, it was at 4.7. Then came the “Winds of Change” patch, and it went up to 5.0 with the same statistics, but without the high-explosive fragmentation incendiary tracer ammunition (HEFI-T). Now, with high-explosive fragmentation tracer ammunition (HEF-T) in the 20mm cannons, it may not seem like much, but having your weapons not causing fires to enemies is a problem. They now raise the plane to 5.3, making it unusable due to the lack of speed and firepower. Even at 5.0, you were already facing this issue. Currently, the problem is escalating, and we’re on the verge of the plane being at BR 6.0, engaging in direct combat against early jets. I am aware that this won’t change anything, but it serves as a psychological release for me towards Gaijin


yep, its awful. no one supported it in the BR change thread that I read, and there were many arguments against it (just like the raise to 5.0) yet they still changed it.

Zeros are horribly over BRd and will stay like that until gaijin start balancing based more on actual vehicle performance and not based on the stats of people who keep trying to turn fight it with their Bf109s.


The plane doesn’t excel in anything but exploiting pilot errors. So why does a plane need to be borderline useless because players don’t know how to fight against it?

IMO there should be an in-game tutorial with basic dogfight maneuvers.


It always lacked speed. If Bf109 or Spitfire did boom and zoom on you you couldnt do anything. Only tactic that worked on these types of airplanes was to somehow bait them into turning. If they called my bluff, I was dead.

Luckily there is still enough players who try to turn with it.

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It’s why I quit playing my premium Zeroes - There’s no point to playing them unless you want to be farmed for everyone else’ benefit.

BR of all Japanese WWII planes seems to me extremely high compare to others. That nation is punished because of stupid BR system where some war machines are high BR only for being played more by better players. Many players argued for many years this being a huge problem of current BR system, but Gaijin never bothered to change it or rethink about it.

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This thing can’t even catch up to bombers at it’s own BR, let alone fighter planes, even in a downtier it’s the slowest plane in the game, there are BR 2-3 things that are easily faster than it.

The only thing more sad is the prop plane at 7.7 in arcade.

The 7.7 prop in AB is the Ki-84 Hei, which is of course, japanese.

Because having just two 30mms instead of 2 .50 cals on a 6.0 airframe (in AB, 5.3 in RB) is absolutely a reason to have a WW2 prop literally capable of fighting supersonic Mig21s in a max uptier

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Zero wouldn’t be so hard to balance if it compressed harder so it was closer to historical accuracy, and then moved down.

What’s annoying about them is that they do not care about going 700kph, they will still sit on your six and be impossible to escape from if they get too close. Nerfing their compression would address this and let them sit lower, so faster planes can escape but at the same time the Zero won’t be totally helpless.

The A6M enforces a no-fun zone so large it eventually extended to the BR system.

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How do they not care about going 700kph? They’re closer to half that speed than 700km/h.

In a dive, they will kill you just fine at high speeds. The corsairs have worse dive compression issues than the zeroes do, which is patently ridiculous considering the IRL tactics used to get away from zeroes. Part of the reason the A6M is so high in BR is because newbies try to dive away from it and can’t escape because a 600kph zero is still perfectly capable of shooting accurately and clinging to your every maneuver.

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i totally agree,the a6m5 Ko was one my fav aircraft to use and grind with and i was counting on it for the most of my grind in japan and such, now its barely playable if its not a downtier. unfortunately there’s nothing can be done as it is in gaijin’s eyes totally balanced there.

A lot of the Zero’s enemies do 600 in a straight line, a Zero does 450, that’s the same as a heavy bomber at that BR, and it maxes at a bit over 700km/h.

Maybe the Zero can have something that redeems it at 5.3.

yeah, i dont think i’ve ever seen a zero go above 650 in a dive before

No, I’m saying the compression should be nerfed so it goes lower in BR.

That way its performance will be more competitive while still giving enemies a way out if they dive in time.

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Honestly if nothing else just give the HEFI-T back

Only the A6M5 Ko and Otsu can get to 700kph IAS without a wing rip (720kph rip), all others rip at around 650 or lower. It also takes a while to get to that speed, and they lose it pretty quickly if you level out.

It holds its speed when it gets there in a dive yes, and sure you do have a decent amount of control surface deflection at the high speeds that other planes lack, but Its really not bad enough to raise their BRs that high.

If you dive from the same altitude and similar speed to the Zero, he will probably keep up with you at least long enough to get a few good hits in. If you dive from above him and keep going, he has no chance.

That’s enough to club newbies which is what it’s been doing enough to the point where the statistics show it’s high enough to be 5.3 in the first place. I don’t think it’s coming down either. About 50% of players want to turnfight me when I play the spitfire and another 30% are so unaware I don’t think they see me in the first place. Ditto for the A6M. I’m proposing possible solutions to the overtiering here.

It’s a fact that the zeroes overperform regarding their elevator and roll compression, and making them more historically accurate + a BR decrease might end up making the game a bit more fun for everyone.

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yeah I understand that, but that’s the whole argument though.

should a vehicle which is only strong against clueless people, and just gets stomped by anyone who knows what they are doing, be nerfed because of that?

I don’t think balancing a vehicle based on other peoples lack of ability is a good idea myself. Its the same with the spitfires, It shouldn’t be the planes fault that people refuse to learn to not turnfight them.

the one difference with the Spits is that they don’t have it as bad, because somehow people have learned a lot more to not turn with them, but those people for some reason don’t learn it with the Zeros.

the problem in my opinion is that vehicle balancing is done too much based off of player statistics, without taking into account the actual capabilities of the vehicle itself in comparison to everything else at the BR its placed at.


Well, ‘not turning’ with a spitfire gets you a lot farther than with the zero, because when the Zero does a 180 at low speed it just doesn’t lose energy compared to a spit. And it prophangs so long that most players trying to stall trap one will either get shot down for nothing, or just force a headon. It’s just extremely annoying. I don’t think the playerbase is going to learn their lesson because it’s growing so fast, most of the people playing war thunder weren’t here 3 years ago.

The flight model is so annoying that a zero at your altitude just enforces a 10km ‘no fun zone’ unless you’re in a plane that can simply go kill him. At 5.3, it now faces planes that can walk right over it and so Gaijin thinks it’s balanced.

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