A6E Tram shooting AIM 9L without a lock

It happens two times to me that a A6E I shoot down before, totally boned, spinning around, shooting a AIM 9L at me without a lock. I checked it in the review, he never get an angle to lock me in.

Is there any mechanic i don’t know?

It’s a heater. It doesn’t need a radar lock.

He must of just spammed his missile launch key and it will launch when it even gets the slightest IR lock… also you need to check server replay, not your local one

The A6E has no radar at all, so i know it. But you need a “lock” with the inner circle to activate the missiles. And he has never the angle for it.

I checked both, the one in my list and the one on the website, there was no angle at all for him to get the inner circle on target. And as i know u cant shoot a ir missile without become red circles. This only worked years ago by pressing the missile fire button over and over again.