A32B "Lansen in 9.0"

The A32B lansen should be on 9.0 for following reasons:

  1. its engine are not as good as the attack version
    RM5A vs RM6A the RM5A itself is lacking, in takeoff i would be outrunned by A-10 or Su25 which they will take the bases first, leaving me with no bases to bomb for (yes they are 10.0 but why am i competing with them at the first place lmao?)
  2. lack of proper bombing equipment, like 3x 600 kg versus what? 12.000kg payload of bombs on A-10 or 4.000kg of bombs on the Su-25k? it doesn’t even has missile like both does. worse, the A-10late has 4 aim-9L
  3. it has chaff, yes, but guess what chaff does? and what does 9.0 ground SPAA has? (answer it for urself) oh yeah it also doesn’t have flares like the SU-25 and A-10 has (why i even have to face this thing only to bomb bases lmao)
  4. lack of flares “bUt Use The Rocket” the limit of the aircraft is 1850kg and the rocket itself isnt fitted to a capsule, so every pylon has to bring 2 rockets, the weight alone with 3 600kg is 1800kg already the weight of psrak is 42kg, the hprak is 120kg, and srak is 64kg and you tell me to fit them. (this is for bombing mission on ARB which 1 base has to be like bombed 1-2 600kg m/50 bombs or even 3 m/58 fire bombs (wtf lmao))
  5. it faces against aim 9L/G (like wtf dev)
  6. the amount of uptiers the lansen has is uncountable (almost every game i played is whether an uptier or an vehicle above my tier got downtiered to my 9.3)
  7. i also want to talk about the attack lansen (J32B) but i guess if this not gonna be passed to the dev i aint gonna comment anything as i already lost my hope.
  8. the lansen itself already turns like a truck, and people will boasts about its energy retention when turning.


  1. put lansen on 8.7 or 9.0 even.
  2. give more payloads that can compete with always-facing 10.0
  3. give better engines on the lansen (like this will happen lol)
  4. do nothing (highest probability cus dev doesnt care abt sweden anyway)

It should be 8.3 with a rank V and an airspawn, it slow, no air air missile, no flare, it can’t face SU25, A6E with all aspect 30G missiles and can’t really fight MIG21 and Yak 38 with 30G missile, this plane really need to go at 8.3 and rank 5 airspawn for these reasons

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