The redone tech tree of Italian helicopters

This is my personal imagination of Italian helicopters in a completely new branch (Details at the end of the page), for suggestions or anything else ask them at the end of the page:

Let’s start with some additions, including:

Agusta A109 I-DVCM


To be added to BR 8.0

Agusta A129D


To be added to BR 11.0

This is my idea of ​​what the new branch should look like (I’m not a graphic designer, if anyone can make a picture I’ll be happy to add it):

  1. AB. 205 A-1 (Br 7.7)
  2. A. 109EOA-2 (Br 8.7)
  3. Agusta A109 I-DVCM (Br 9.0)
  4. A. 129CBT (Br 10.0)
  5. A. 129D (Br 11.0)
  6. AW.249 (Br 12.0)

(I realize that the AW.249 is still an unfinished prototype, but it wouldn’t hurt to at least mention it, to avoid bullshit being added)

Why should the branch be added/changed?

At the moment the Italian helicopter branch is very bare and needs additions and to plug some holes, to be honest I don’t accept the Hungarian additions and in my opinion they should be separated into a separate branch. Obviously if anyone has any comments they would like to make, feel free to make them, no bullshit, thanks.

Bugs present/known
  1. Mangusta IRCM doesn’t work, I tried to deflect any missile in the game, they all took full shots
  2. Missiles explode in mid-air for no reason at all
  3. The 20mm cannon is very inaccurate compared to its counterparts
  4. Move or protect airports and heliports from enemy anti-aircraft, planes and helicopters, I am destroyed 0.5 seconds after spawning
Would you like to see this imaginary branch come to life?
  • Yes
  • No, because in my opinion…

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No))) Enjoy your totaly unique hind goy

t. gaijin

That’s exactly what I meant by bullshit