A Theory About Upcoming Br Changes for Ground

So the next major update is upon us and with that some interesting ground additions.

Since ground brs were increased to 11.7 maximum and certain vehicles went from 10.7 battle rating to 11.0, I would like to discuss a theory for the revival of a long dead battle rating for high tier ground. Some of the affected vehicles are tanks like the IPM1, M1a1, AGS etc. Due to this increase these vehicles were given certain buffs to aid them in fighting stronger vehicles, whether its a better round or a faster reload no vehicles uptiered were left behind. However some did not meet the bar to be raised and remained 10.7 like the Russian T-90a. The issue here is Russian players have a single tank at a battle rating that has since been killed off with no lineup whatsoever which forces the player to make a lineup of tanks lower in br.

Moving forwards to the upcoming Major which will replace the current update “Air superiority” we have seen additions such as the T-80D which in short is a T-80 that mounts a diesel engine as opposed to the classic Klimov turbine engine. This heavily nerfs the mobility of the T-80 and may force it to sit at a lower br and possibly give the T-90a a battle buddy. Now this one is a bit touchy but the Canadian Leopard 2a4M may possibly also be worthy of sitting at 10.7 depending on its munitions and statistical protection. Hopefully adding these tanks too weak for 11.0 but too strong for 10.3 will be the beginning of reviving 10.7 and raising the ground ceiling to 12.0.

To address some possible complaints I will ask hypotheticals and answer them!
Q: Won’t these vehicles be too overpowered at 10.7?
A: If the vehicle received certain buffs to make it playable at 11.0 then simply those buffs will just be removed as they will no longer see the highest possible battle rating in game for ground.

Q: Will 9.7s be able to adequately fight these 10.7s?
A: Seeing as the common trope with the old 10.7s are MBTs with excellent firepower but lackluster armor or engine power like the T-90a or the M1a1, 9.7 vehicles should have no problem penetrating the armor on these tanks.

Q: Won’t 12.0 have bad queue times?
A: Much to the dismay of many players top tier ground for both arcade and realistic are constantly full. This is especially thanks to the 11.3 ground premiums as the M1a1 “Click-bait” is labeled as a Best Seller on the Gaijin.net store.

I am more than happy to discuss complaints regarding this theory or how it may be a bad change. This is simply a guess wherein I throw my hat into the ring and see if I can predict a future change that may very well benefit the player experience in the long run.

P.S. Forgot to mention the chunky Abrams/M60 hybrid thats also supposed to be coming to the game which would be a lovely 10.7 as its a mix of poor armor but strong firepower!

The reason why 10.7 is dead is because if you have a 10.3 line-up you can’t get up-tiered to 11.7 where all the top-tier players play, whereas with a 10.7 line-up you most likely will. It doesn’t have much to do with a lack of 10.7 vehicles.

They would have to raise the BR ceiling to 12.0 to revive 10.7.

This doesn’t fix any issues as it just makes strong 10.3 line-ups inferior to strong 10.7 line-ups and shifts the meta up by 0.3-0.4 BR.


If you bring in an air vehicle that is higher than your ground BR, your BR is still raised. There is currently a psuedo ground 12.7 BR range where the highest tier CAS plays.

For that reason alongside the prevalence of 11.0 vehicles on the US and Japanese ground lineup I’ve found 10.7 it be a decent enough tier for downtiers. The premium black holes above and below you keep you anchored as well.

I guess it depends… I do enjoy my CAS, but if I am purely playing for win rates it makes way more sense just to play 11.7 because then you get down-tiers. This is why I never bring 12.0-12.3 CAS because then you get no advantages.

AGS does belong at 10.7 tbf, suffers with its shell at fricken 11.0

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It should have just been left at 10.3 unless they were going to give it M900. The difference between M774 and M833 is just barely over 20 mm of pen at 10m (372–> 395). It still is functional, but now it takes a lot more shots to kill things and the ready rack ammo replenishment rate makes it more efficient to just J out after a kill or two once you deplete it.

I just removed it from my line-ups like they wanted me to. It’s not meta anymore for US line-ups.

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Playing 10.7 I find that most games are 11.0. I’m hardly ever uptiered to 11.7, sometimes I’m top tier, but most games are 11.0.

This is a little aggravating since only a few nations can even field 11.0 lineups, meanwhile the only Soviet 11.0 is an event vehicle on the marketplace.

Has 2S6, several planes and a Mi-35M, that enough for a lineup, T-80B isnt lackluster even at 11.0

How does the T-90A perform in that br? The reason I hadn’t crewed it is because of the -4 gun depression and don’t know what to expect.