A solution to ODL issue

Ok, so there’s my proposal to ODL issue we are all familiar with.

  • Rework Spawn System
    The current spawn system benefits mosty nations that have large lineups (eg. Russia, USA, Germany), allowing them to spawn in competetive vehicles multiple times without using backups. This puts in a massive disadventage players who use vehicles from minor tech-trees, which lack full lineups at certain BRs. On top of that, there are a lot of players who want to grind only one vehicle, so even if they are playing one of the top tree nations, they’re still going to leave the game after only one death.
    My solution to that issiue is to have a fixed, maximum number of respawns (eg. 4) regardlessly of what nation you play, without restricting what vehicles you can spawn in. For example: if you have enough spawn points you can spawn up to 4 times in a game, even with the same vehicle. This would limit the flood larger nations cause by being able to respawn 7+ without using backups and give a competetive edge to minor tech-trees.

  • Rework Matchmaking
    Introduce mechanics such as guaranteed downtier after a certain number of non-downtier games to limit frustration among players and distribute the players with top BR vehicles evenly among both teams.

  • Reward players who stay longer in games by increasing earned experience and SL

  • allow all players to ban 5 maps

I’m by no means a good player, but those are the things that are the main reason why I ODL, so I wanted to share my thoughts on this with you guys.


1- All 10 nations have BRs with large lineups.
Italy for example has a 4 vehicle lineup for 6.3 again with the rank changes.
M26, 2S1, M36B1, and M18.
2- Downtiers increase pressure on the player that receives them as they are only one of 3 other players with their power. Not doing well means your team has a higher chance of losing.
I doubt that’s a good idea.
3- People are already rewarded for staying in matches longer. It’s a good idea.
4- This has nothing to do with ODL, and would ruin the game.

There is genuinely a time where some players actually have to be told, if you want to play this mode, then this is what comes with it…

If you can’t handle it, then find another mode.

Arcade is there. (I genuinely don’t think anyone ODLs in arcade…)

This is already the case. 1 to 4 players at top BR on your team and the enemy’s, with the number matching. But since the top vehicle in your lineup is what determines the BR, you can’t control what that player in a full downtier is going to spawn in, which is why you might not realise that the distribution is even.

Maximum 4 players per team can be top BR. This means that, as a baseline, we are all uptiered 75% of the time, a percentage that goes up for popular BRs like 5.3. You can’t fix that with guarantees.

However, this also has the obvious implication that most of the enemy team is going to be at your own BR, or if it’s a partial uptier, even lower BR than yours. Most of the frustration surrounding uptiers, aside from a few BR spots that are genuinely problematic, is 100% psychological and self inflicted. You convince yourself you’re at a disadvantage when you may very well not be.

Let’s not punish people for playing aggressively and getting killed while being effective. A player who spawns 7 times in GRB not only has the linup for it, but also has earned the SP to be able to do so. This means they have done exceptionally well to pay the ever increasing SP tax 7 times. Why punish these players? All this change would do is drive people to play more passively, as they’d know no matter how well they do, they only have 4 lives to lose.

It also means less people in SPAAs. The main draw of SPAAs is their incredibly cheap spawn cost, meaning even if you do nothing and die twice, you’ll still be able to spawn in one and potentially get yourself back in the game. This is the single mechanic driving people to be proactively playing SPAA and countering CAS before it can kill anyone. Making it so that you get 4 spawns regardless of what each vehicle is will instead have people just pick the best conventional tank they have over and over again. Which means no SPAA and uncountered CAS.

Not to mention what it means for certain tanks that dominate in downtiers. Imagine fighting something like a fully downtiered KV-1B, Obj 279, or VIDAR that can spawn 4 times. Now imagine a sqaud of them.

I agree with your other points, however.


The game modes are too flat and not dynamic, there’s no reason to keep playing team death match (with 1 cap instead of 3) if you already know your team isn’t going to recover

in reality, they should probably just fully copy the games they took the conquest style mode from to begin with. ODL is only an issue specifically because of the spawn system and how things are rewarded. Let everyone respawn as many times as they want in ground vehicles, the lineups will largely be about having different options for different situations, then the games will be decided by the actual Conquest style objectives it has not a glorified TDM like it is currently, and let CAS and Helis be more like they are now working like an actual kill streak with spawn points.


this is already a working feature and recently increased with dynamic repair costs, this month they have roadmapped adding RP rewards for kill chains / positive actions

The goal should be to never have a downtier or an uptier but to have enough vehicles and enough players that they play at their same BR

no, Arcade already has this feature (3) RB is more fun and dynamic because you can take out as many vehicles as you have + back ups

Yes the goal is to expand minor nations but Gaijin has been failing their playerbase consistently on this problem and recently has been restricting necessary required vehicles behind paywalls (france IFV) or FOMO events (Chinese IFV)

Their greed is hurting their game they need to stop this behavior.

  1. your first point here applies in general, but not really in top tier.
    Not counting AA and looking at BR11.7 tanks:
    France has 4
    Italy only has 1
    Sweden has 3
    Israel only has 1
    China has 2
    Japan has 2
    Great Britain has 2
    USSR only has 1
    Germany has 3
    USA has 2

if you add AA then France can fill the entire lineup with five 11.7. Germany however are forced to take a 10.0 because they don’t have enough top tier vehicles to fill the lineup. Same with Sweden, after 4 vehicles you are forced to take a 10.3 or lower to fill the last spot.

I think HexaN sort of has a point but i would change some minor things in there that i personally don’t like.

  1. Agree

  2. Agree

  3. correct that it has nothing to very little to do with ODL but i don’t think it would “ruin the game”. With the amount of maps in the game, taking away 5 on average, would not really hinder much. it would even give Gaijin a way to see what maps people don’t like and give them an opertunity to make changes to disliked maps.

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My suggestion for Dealing with ODL:
if a player still has spawn points for one or more vehicles but leaves the match, in addition to the crew waiting time we have now, also make all the vehicles (that the player could still have spawned in when he left) count as destroyed and require full SL cost to repair. this way it would cost just as much SL to play with that vehicle and get killed as it would leaving the match, it would cost even less SL if they choose to play with the new repair cost system and playing also gives a chance to gain SL.

this could create situations where ODL players only take one vehicle in their lineup.
(Not sure about this part:)
this could be combated with a system where if they have more vehicles unlocked within the same BR range as the one they where planing to take into a game solo, it would not let them and give a warning with “your lineup is too empty, fill it with more vehicles”. or something like that. make players fill their lineup as full as they can before going into battle.

ODL will be solved when:

  • Reward system be fair (income x costs)

  • the spawn camper issue be fixed

  • MM balanced

Otherwise, it makes no sense to keep sending tanks to the battle when it is already a loss.

This isn’t true. Both sides can have 0-4 top tier but there is no guarantee that the numbers on either side are any closer than that currently.

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I would definitivly buy premium if I could ban 5 maps. Maps are my biggest ODL reason. Uptiers I can get around with with light tanks. But that is not possible if the map is 500m across.

The free slots are 5. Assuming you only use ground vehicles: PSO, 2A6, 2A5, 2PL, Flarakrad.
Say the plane replaces the SPAA.
Like the primary reason I have paid crew slots on nations are for wacky vehicles.

the 2pl is 11.3 and also a premium. so if you can’t pay, you are forced to take a 10.3 (didn’t think of planes actually, but not everyone wants to or even are that high BR with planes yet).
and you shouldn’t have to pay to get the same lvl of BR in a lineup as other nations.

2PL isn’t premium, it’s a squadron vehicle. Obtained in ~2 months from just playing the game.
You aren’t paying anything.

I don’t know if there is something wrong or if i’m missing something, but for me it costs 7800 GE:

Yeah, that’s to get it without being part of one of the countless activity squadrons.
Max activity BTW is 1 - 2 hours of play every 3 days.

remove or limit CAS in ground RB or massively increase cost of fire and forget ordnance and Heli SP.

And it shouldnt be possible to spawn a strike and a fighter aircraft for practically the same SP. its just favors “certain” nations… cough cough US…

Bad map design is the top reason why I leave after 1 death, and I’m sure its many others prime reason too.

Downtiers and uptiers are good individually, but you should not be in a perma upteir at certain BRs, it makes the game frustrating and unfun.

Reward them more.