A solution to ODL issue

That could only be because you don’t play it - there’s plenty in all 3 modes of Arcade!!

“Bad” is over 90% subjective.
As for me, I like uptiers because it means less pressure on myself.

I pop in there from time to time, but I’m usually playing more than watching the board ;)

Most recently I threw my panther over the rubble on advance to rhine in the mid section… Was just going along the straight street, and thought ‘Hey, that looks jumpable’, ended up clearing the ruins.

This is not constructive and it was a waste of time to read it.

Me: “Having higher RP & SL for staying in match is a good idea.”
You: “SHILL! Ridiculous opinion!”

I advise you to stop provoking people with your anti-consumer takes.

Better than wallowing about in the mire that some put out…

Much of the ‘reasons’ for being an ODL are mere defeatist and passive play arguments. If you’re going to play a game that requires you to get kills, you should be prepared to be taking in the same way.

It really isn’t.

It is, because the negative mindset leads to people thinking they are psychic, and give up, hence the ODL dilema for the rest of us.

Why not use the spawn points you earned to fly a fighter to combat theirs??? I mean seems logica’l or you just bad in aircraft?

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I call bullshit, no one likes full uptiers when they are as common as they are.

The largest issue with upteirs is that they are so common. Some BRs are genuinely nothing but a fulll uptier. It makes those BRs abysmal to play, because you never face things worse than your tank.

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Exactly my thoughts. I’m currently grinding 8.0 Sweden and 90% of games I get are +0.7/+1 uptiers and I’m forced to face fully stabilized vehicles with APFSDS and choppers that can destroy you kilometers away. Being in constant disadvantage and playing on maps I hate are main reasons why I don’t want to respawn more than once.

How to fix 1dl solution
Stop selling high tier premiums,
Or put them in a 1 dl leaver queue?
i want to have games that go 10-20 mins and not get decided depending on who got more 1dl idiots in the team…

Crew progression is also a big barrier to proper lineups. The RP/SL requirements for crew skills and Experting need to be drastically reduced.