A site like tanks.gg for planes

Is there any site like tanks.gg, but for war thunder planes?

In the game you can’t even calculate hp/t. Top speed shown in the stats for every plane is at different altitude and will be never reached in level flight at typical altitudes. Climb rate in stats seems completely different from the real climb rate.

I would like to see some comparable numbers, all in one place. Usually all you get is plane X is good at something, which is very vague.

If there is, please link it here. If not, then i highly recommend for someone with skills and knowledge to make one.

Or maybe i’m just wrong. Maybe such site is not needed and i just can’t read the stats properly. I’m not that much into planes, i’m a tanker.

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Mhm - aircraft stat cards are mostly wrong as those parameters are evaluated in specific settings and can’t be reproduced easily; they c[an give you an indicator of what can you expect when flying that plane, not more, not less.

So looking for something to compare - like tanks (firepower, armor, mobility) - is for aircraft (top speed, climb, turn) not that easy as those parameters vary strongly at various altitude (and with or without flaps). Some planes are optimized for low altitudes, others for very high altitudes, as the available engine power varies too.

In other words your goal should be to know the strengths and weaknesses of your own and of enemy planes. At least for props firepower is not that important - without the ability to bring guns on target, they are useless.

You will find valuable information in those guides:

Air RB - Game Mechanics Guide](Air RB - Game Mechanics Guide)

Hope that helps a bit…

Thanks for the guide, more data never hurts :p. Especially the one linked inside of it about MEC.

Instead of parameters everything would have to be a graph then, either based on altitude or speed. I don’t think it makes such a site impossible to exist/make.

I guess pilots learn everything by feel, not exact values, so no one really needs something like this.

Maybe you know a site like war thunder wiki, where there are listed pros, cons and usage in battle. War thunder wiki is very helpful, but one plane can have a book written about it, while others have nothing.

P.S. Where can i find each plane’s weight? What files or mods to look for? I would really like to at least calculate hp/t.

You find some weight data in old aircraft data sheets:

Although i got your points - i am not aware of any sites with overall comparisons. If you play with pc you should have access to “data mines” - summarizing relevant data. I have no access, maybe another player can show you where to find them.

In addition wt wiki provides (at least in the written part) mostly outdated information. Imho the economy data are mostly correct, so the repair cost for fully spaded planes are usually true, but the rest…

Your power to weight ratio makes no sense as the both are variables. You might have an indicator, but no decisive data. A Yak-3 has a very good ratio, but due to the drop in engine power available at higher altitudes it gets worse. Same if you are using min or max fuel.

The much more interesting data are high or low speed acceleration - so how fast can you pick up speed (=life) as this is decisive if you get quick enough in or out of gun range. As other factors (various kinds of drag, engine rev and torque and of course weight with engine power available at different altitudes) play a role here too, but are imho more or less guessed by gaijin.

I know no external sources, but have in mind that wt and reality have nothing in common. We have a lot of planes that sucked in their intended roles (like J2Ms, Wyverns, SB2Cs) but somehow fit perfect into wt meta due to a combination of airspawn, artificially low BRs or flat wrong balancing attempts with minimum fuel or flight model “features”.

Imho most wt pilots never read a manual of a real aircraft, but this is a video game; so from a holistic pov “feelings” and experience are good enough…

Just play 10 battles with airplane and you know what you are dealing with…

Thank you so much for the data sheets. I will use it while the old forum is still available :(.

I know hp/t varies greatly with fuel, but i can assume empty weight (max benefit of the doubt) and calculate for each plane low, high and very high altitude hp/t. Like 1000-3000m, 5000m and 8000m. So i will have some understanding of planes i have problem dealing with.

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If i had every plane in the game it could work…

Glad if those data might help you.

I am still no friend of your approach as gaijin uses minimum fuel loads to “balance” (polite for nerfs) planes too. So you will find some guys using min fuel to climb very fast - usually you recognize these guys very quick - but you can “outfuel” them, like 12 minutes Corsairs.

In addition some planes have insanely high minimum fuel loads of 60 to 90 minutes - so a comparision based on empty weight is misleading…

If you have troubles fighting specific planes with specific planes - just ask.

Ah yes, i forgot about planes that have like an hour of min fuel. Well, then i can just multiply fuel weight by min fuel time/max fuel time and add to empty weight.

The planes i have the most trouble with are good at everything yak 3s, or space climbers like xp50, pyorremyrsky, j2m or something rarer like whirlwind. Their only weakness is usually low rip speed, which can be used only to run away and continue losing. Yak 3s are supposed to be bad above 3000m, but i didn’t notice this. More like less ridiculous. (I rarely fly higher than 5000-6000m)

I bet if i played them, i would never die to them again :p. Probably because if i played them myself i would find every weakness through my skill issue and accept every strength. Even if i still thought they were op. If i play some op vehicle myself it just hits different than when i see others play it, i lose hostility towards the vehicle.

I mean you mention the usual suspects, but not the plane you want to use against them.

They have more than low rip speed in common - like high compression at high speeds and some of them are quite slow like the J2M or Pyoerr…some others need MEC, 2 of them are quite good at very low speed turning, but depending on your plane you can beat them all.

And the Yak 3 is quite bad at low speed turns, the problem is usually to make them slow and push them very low or above 6 km - the engine power drops actually significantly…

This might your problem number one.

As all of them are turning quite good and you will meet them in an energy disadvantage as they climb quite good (and will be higher than you) you need a plane able to avoid or minimize early game disadvantages due to airspawn and/or superior climb.

So in order to counter them and/or to reduce their energy advantage you need to climb often higher - and preferred outside spotting range and away from the rest of your team. And you need the “right” plane to fight them, it makes zero sense to go in a fight if they have alt advantage and superior climb/speed/turn; so u need a positional advantage…

A good flown XP-50, J2M or Pyoerr… will beat you as soon the pilot is bettter than you…

I strongly recommend to go to yt and watch DEFYN’s and JENGAR’s vids about these planes - the later tested some topics like speed with or without WEP in every vid.

The XP-50, the French Yak 3, and the Pyoerr… were available for free via warbonds. The prem Whirlwind was an event plane (or something like that), so you don’t need real money…

Because having statistics with numbers would help you lmao

Well thanks for some advice. I usually fly german or american planes, sometimes british. So mostly boom and zoom when i’m much higher and boom and run if i’m a little higher.

I rarely fly higher than 5000-6000m, because games are too quick and it’s not worth it. Also at this altitude are usually the hardest enemies, which almost always are above you. If you sideclimb, by the time you climb above them, they are already diving on your teammates and by the time you get there from the flank, they are already low anyway.

If i play textbook like i live very long, but don’t get any kills and it’s just boring. It’s better to get easy kills first, both teams go back, rearm, and then there is a more serious fight. If battle wasn’t decided already, which it usually is.

Once i stopped flying so high, i started getting more kills.

But anyway, i think it’s drifting away a bit from the original topic.

I don’t think there is a point in further talking. If you see a site like this, please update this thread.

P.S. Now that i look at it, i phrased it a bit harshly, but it wasn’t my intention.

A lot of flight model data is available in the game files and you can get them out of datamines pretty easily. I’m not sure if engine power curves are visible or how that’s all calculated, but there’s tons of info. Probably not that hard to write a program to parse all of those FM files and pick out what you want to put into a spreadsheet.