A second life

war thunder needs to have a second life for airplanes,it will be fun using 2 airplanes from different BR,
in air RB

There are other game modes. ARB is the only one which limits you to the 1 vehicle out of your lineup.

Disclaimer: I only know about air battles, I do not play tanks or ships

i talking about having a second vehicle to use in ARB,it would be fun in my opinion

Air RB needs good pilots enjoying flying and the game mode itself.

And “the one match, one life” game mode is actually (at least in theory) a pretty good way to prevent lobbies filled with pilots limited to headon attacks. So it should (also in theory) enforce people to learn and to improve in order to survive and win the game.

Unfortunately the game mode became in the last years more and more an arcade+ mode, very often seen in games with a total absence of tactics, strategy or the willingness to win - as grind or SL income became the main driver for most players.

Adding the possibility to switch to another plane whilst keeping the one life character of the mode (by switch plane class after landing on main airfield) would create some flexibility, but multiple spawns would create the same mess like in Ground RB - just look at their infinite ODL discussions…

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I do not play RB, but it would seem like that would totally change that game mode’s dynamic, and I do not see any/many diehard RB pilots will be going along with this idea. I mean I can kinda see your point, and as a AB pilot, I know what having other planes available can do to some people’s “play style”. They can become very reckless and think that head on attacks are actually a “good tactic” . . which they are not, but . . . with just a repair cost and hitting the “Battle” button for another plane just taking a few seconds … . well, “consequences” being what they are . . it affects game play a good deal. I do not think this would actually help in RB, but . . . who knows. Instead of a totally different plane, perhaps let RB pilots use a back up on the same plane . . and only in the earlier part of the game . . that might have less impact and still kind of give you what you are asking . . without changing the game mode too much.

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just play air arcade

If a respawn system were to be introduced into Air RB, it would need to be done like Ground RB - a spawn point system. This would maintain consequence of ur actions but also allows for lineups in the mode.

I wouldn’t mind introducing some sort of a respawn system to Air RB but I would prefer actually getting an additional game mode for this - like an Air RB Enduring Confrontation.

Then Air RB can remain more of a hardcore quick match mode and Air RB EC can be those longer strategic battles and Air RB EC could differ from Sim EC by a spawn point system.

Ofcourse the current Air RB really needs a team size reduction. 16 vs 16 at top tier makes Air RB feel like a ripoff Air AB. I cant imagine how aweful 16 vs 16 will be with advanced fox 3’s.