A re-posting of my original post regarding MAUS

I originally said 7.0 battle rating but admittedly I do think that was a bit low I think 7.3 would be more appropriate.

For the attention of Gaijin, I’d like them to reconsider the battle rating of the MAUS

The MAUS does not belong in a game where opposing vehicles have rounds that are far more advanced, for a tank that is as heavily armed and armored as the MAUS it doesn’t make any sense that it can be knocked out in one shot. I remember as I’m sure other MAUS players do when it used to be a powerful feared tank on the battlefield and the opposing team had to actually work together as a team in order to take the MAUS down now it can be destroyed in one shot. It doesn’t completely feel like a heavily armed and armored vehicle, but more out of place a shadow of its former self easily knocked out.

The realistic battle rating I proposed that the MAUS should be moved to is 7.3 where it won’t get uptead to unfairly and face as many vehicles with ATGM’s, helicopters or tanks with more advanced rounds and for arcade battles, I suggest it should be moved to battle Rating 7.7

The MAUS was produced near the end of WW2, a ridiculously sized and heavy vehicle. There was only two of them ever made and one of them wasn’t even assembled, the Russians tried to destroy 1 of them just to see if they could destroy it, the body from 1 and turret from the other, combined it to make a complete MAUS working or not I don’t know but I’m guessing it could have been made to run if wanted. The remaining result now sits in the back left corner of a Russian tank museum gutted like a fish.

I do feel that the MAUS is getting unfairly uptead where it is out of place In a match with other vehicles where it does not belong In a game where one shot from a far more advance vehicle can eliminate all six crew members of them MAUS, so again my recommendation for giving the MAUS a different realistic battle rating is s 7.3. and again for arcade battles, I suggest battle Rating 7.7

I suspect this is something that’s been spoken about on the forums many times before and I suspect. responses are going to be something like, it should not be moved and here’s many reasons of why but it would be more realistic because war thunder is supposed to be a realistic Battle simulator, simulating how all of these vehicles, air and ground, air and sea interact with one another as well as offering a great deal of history and education about all the vehicles.


Didn’t add this to the re-posting of my post but let us not forget that there will always be someone with 1000 kilo bomb ready to come after you when you’re driving the MAUS because someone on the enemy team is screaming MAUS

Maus already has one of the better kdrs at 7.7. Yes, 2/3 of the vehicles you see can pen you. But it often takes 4+ hits to actually kill you. That often means teammates can identify and kill the things targeting you. Or you can get your 2ndary gun operational and kill all the IFS that sit in the 7.7 range. Its fine at 7.7. US/Russian 6.7 mediums and heavies already stand no chance against a maus. Its a situational tank that relies on teamwork, as its supposed to be.

you take the whole game to get to the battlefield, so you should be allowed to reap the rewards of that sacrifice. The Conqueror, Caernarvon, and Maus likely need to go down to 7.3. The IS-4M is just as durable as a Maus and significantly faster.

Bizarre take. Conq needs to be at 7.7 because of the stab and turret armor, it just needs functional apds again (they REALLY nerfed the postpen when they upped it to 480 pen).

IS4m is nowhere as durable as the maus. Armor is better, but cramped crew die in single hits.

If you’ve played the Conq, you’d know it’s horrible.

And I’ve survived a LOT of punishment in the IS-4M.

i have hundreds of games in the conq.

Before the change to 480 pen, it was amazing. After, it has zero postpen and shatters constantly. The change to the round made it nearly unplayable. Now the 105mm has far supperior performance to the 120mm.

That was then, this is now. The thing suffers horribly.

I personally think that, with undoing postpen nerfs on APCR, APDS, HEAT, and HESH, the Maus (and IS-4M for that matter) could and should be 7.0.

As others have already stated - it takes an eternity to get anywhere. Sure both it and the IS-4M can “take a lot of punishment,” but much of that “taking punishment” is playing barrel or breech repair simulator which isn’t particularly enjoyable for neither the heavy tank user nor the guy shooting said heavy.

APCR should wreck what it manages to pen. As should sabot. As should HEAT & HEATFS. Piled-up old postpen nerfs are why we got into this mess of the Maus supposedly being “unbalanceable.”

Those same old nerfs are also why such a large number of machines armed with those rounds sit at such questionable BRs. Not just clown cars like the AML-90, EBR (1963), etc, but also low-tier HEAT dispensers people love to complain about like the 105 Shermans, SU-122, and especially the Sav m/43 (1946).

I would personally BR the KT105, T32s, T34, T29, Caernarvon, Conqueror, etc slightly higher than the Maus, IS-3, IS-4M, Tortoise, T95, etc etc if subcalibers of all types got the rebuff they needed years ago.

On the topic of the Camperor in particular - I finished spading it (and the IS-4M) recently and the APDS round isn’t so much awful as it is inconsistent. One game I proceed to deck a King Tiger through his angled front plate and one-tap him, another I kill only one guy penning some no armor best armor clown car. I personally rate the IS-4M as much worse than the Conqueror any day of the week. Mainly due to barrel damage existing.