A new Roadmap is needed

Gaijin should release a new Roadmap, outlining the future for War Thunder.

This roadmap should avoid discussing specific vehicles but should focus on Game Mechanics, Game Modes, UI, and Servers.

There are many elements of War Thunder that are really showing their age and it would be really helpful to get a peak behind the curtain on what Gaijin is working on.

This kind of communication can build some trust within the War Thunder community and manage our expectations for War Thunders future.

As a player for over 10 years, it would be nice to see a bit more developer communication regarding what Gaijin plans to do in the future.

Some questions i would personally have include:

  1. Does Gaijin have any plans to add additional game modes? These can include things like a combined arms PVE mode, Air RB Enduring Confrontation, a Tank mode without CAS, etc.

People have been asking for some of these modes for a long time and haven’t recieved much response from the dev team.

  1. Does Gaijin have any plans to update the User Interface? Game mode selection, events selections are very clunky to navigate through.

  2. Does Gaijin ever plan to allow you to customize your hangar with decorations? This would be a cool way to remember unique events.

  3. Is there any plan to add longer range SAM’s and long range Air to Ground Missiles? How could this be balanced without breaking the game?

  4. Where does Gaijin see Naval’s future? Modern ships engage in very long range combat that may not suit War Thunder well. Any plans to add very modern Naval equipment?

  5. Does Gaijin plan an overhaul for AI? Right now they’re pretty brain-dead.

  6. Does Gaijin plan to increase server capacity?

Just looking to get some idea as to where this game is going rather than just focusing on the daily grind.

Im hoping they have plans to add some really fun elements into the game in the near future.


Roadmap turned out to be a whole load of nothing, there’s a few QoL features but beyond that it’s pretty disappointing.

I didn’t think the last one was too bad. It addressed players grievances which was nice. I agree it was really just QoL issues but at least it was something.

Having some sort of a Roadmap on development is better than having nothing and being stuck in the over-hype/speculation cycle that we’re always in.

It’d just be a nice gesture.

Beyond new shiny vehicles, I feel like nothing has happened with this game and it’d just be nice to get a peak behind the development curtain on stuff beyond new vehicles.

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All it really did was slightly improve the SL economy, but we’re still bottlenecked by RP so it’s mostly pointless and they are not going to improve the RP situation, beyond that some extra info post match is nice but all the major issues are still there.

The skill bonus is an increase for most players although the ground rewards are still not comparable to Air.

Also, a part of the roadmap was reducing RP costs of foldered vehicles which did shave off a million+ RP needed to research what was previously required to get to top rank.

The only problem as it stands is the bonus for Ground RP for 3 kills is too low compared to the first rank Air reward considering Ground’s reward rate is already lower, they should both be 35%.

I still believe there should also be a bonus towards other nations once you’ve completed one, say 5% increased over all rewards. This encourages players to continue grinding despite finishing their initial grind. As a mechanic this adds player longevity but doesn’t reduce the initial grind so I don’t understand why Gaijin had cold feet towards adding it.

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The SL economy is not comparable it is massively increased. You can truly play the game F2P and not have to worry about repair costs. This is something that was begged for by a majority of the playerbase and the introduction of lifetime repair reductions has afforded players the ability to do so.

To go negative in SL now you’re losing at most 5 grand if all 5 of your tanks were spent with zero kills assuming you didn’t sit AFK in each one for 5 minutes.

This is compared to the total actual repair cost which previously would have meant losing 20-25K a game regardless of performance.

The SL economy is perfection at the moment.

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We definitely need new modes especially for AIR RB and NAVAL, air RB in its current form with modern jets is a joke mode, its like COD but planes. We need EC with multiple spawns and matches with actual objectives where you actually have a reason to escort your CAS and BOMBER players ETC


A “we’re working on this” long term is one thing, a roadmap is set goals with time frames.

More developer communication of long term goals is something I would like to see but I don’t know if another road map is necessary.

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As TEC would say: “Yes, we (Gaijin) have such plans.”

RP economy is garbage tho, when i started WT in 2017 i would get more RP per match while being a noob in my TIGER 2 SLA than i get with top tier premiums now, it feels massivel nerfed

My best games have always averaged 3k, now I can hit 10k w/ no premium or booster

The skill bonuses are a massive increase but they’re unfortunately a skill dependent mechanic which leaves some people missing out.

This is why I think the nation completion bonuses should still be implemented despite the reduced total RP and skill RP bonuses being added.

The issue is base RP has been nerfed too much, 10k is nothing, back then 15-20k was easy to get with premium vehicle+account in a good match, i have 11-12 kill games with top tier vehicles with talisman where i get total of like 12k RP

100% need constantly updating road map and more Q&A’s, players need to have their questions addressed and you have outlined a tone of great ones there. One of the biggest ones for me personally and one of the largest & longest outstanding questions of the entire WT community is permanent expansion of EC mode into RB. We had this tested way back in 2016 in a resounding success and the community has been asking constantly for its permanent return since then. It’s one of the most needed aspects of war thunder and EC will provide the community with environment to have the experiences they have been asking for years and years.

Gaijin really needs to take a serious look at the wants & needs of their player base for actual development of game modes & core gameplay loops, as we haven’t seen any meaningful work on this front for the better part of a decade now. It’s a joke and the stale gameplay will lead to the eventual death of the game unless they do something soon in the coming years.


Road map would be great, but in all honestly, a monthly Q&A would be great too. I see so many things that are constantly brought up on the forums and ingame chat, but every time a Q&A rolls around they are somehow ignored and never brought up. This behavior has been going on for years and needs to stop. Good example is matchmaking, what the players say they want and what Gaijin says the players want. Size of matches, player count as well as map sizes for higher BRs.

One of the biggest things I CONSTANTLY see… Air RB EC mode. A proper one. Multiple airfields, multiple objectives. More targets. Once we get higher tech planes, size of maps are going to need to be bigger. I for one don’t like the knife fights with the modern jets on some of these maps. I can’t wait for Fox3, but I feel like with how everything is right now, they’re not going to even be able to be used properly.

Speaking of Fox3s, another thing I’ve been seeing asked for, for awhile(Mostly from Sim players, but airRB players are also starting to ask for it… We want to be able to choose flares or chaff, not just both always…


At this point I’ll take Gaijin writing down a few long term goals on the back of a used paper bag and posting it on social media…

Better than absolutely no communication.

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Totally agree. Monthly Q&A’s would be awesome. Or even just a Q&A between each update.

Just something…

There are still some issues they didn’t fully address in the last roadmap. As others have mentioned RP gain is still pretty low. It’s great that you can research helicopters with ground vehicles, but researching modifications for helicopters is still extremely slow/tedious. Especially for helicopters without stock atgms. Another mechanic I absolutely loathe is stock HEAT-FS. Considering all the great improvements they made with free(ish) parts/FPE, it would have also been nice for them to just give us a worse starting dart for each top tier vehicle.

I don’t think we’ll see another roadmap.

  • Submarines
  • Navy for other nations
  • More modern vehicles

Here is your roadmap

Yes communication over game planes is always a welcome thing, the issue becomes when the community creates backlash over unfulfilled promises although Gaijin can give definitive statements as to why they are / aren’t doing a thing.

Hiring a social media manager is money though and having values costs even more money.

If only you just read my next paragraph…

Roadmap aside from new shiny vehicles… we all already know we’re getting new vehicles.