A new nation

In early this year gaijin released the road map and in that they teased a new playable 11 nation.

“Currently, War Thunder features 10 playable nations, and we have no intentions of stopping there! However, as we introduce new nations,”

I interpreted the bonuses as a soft nod that a new nation will be on the way.
But with the Hungarian sub tree right next to when gaijin like to add new nations the chances are now really small.

@Smin1080p or @Stona_WT Will the Hungarian sub tree effect any plans ?

nup just your imagination, that could mean for the far far future


That can mean anything from completely new nation to Hungarian subtree to single Vatican SPG tank. Also it can mean this year or next 5 years…

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They mean sub trees

Key word is 10 and playable this doesn’t count sub trees as that would be

10 + 3 + 56 = 69 playable nations we have in game right now

I suppose you’re right but there’s also zero nations left that COULD be added without doing something silly

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Yea plus gaijin don’t say any old S for nothing

what would be something silly

mashing together nations that don’t belong together to form some weird new tree

Tbh the only trees now with Hungary out of the way is Turkey and Poland

i don’t think that’s necessary just yet, there’s still some nations to make good trees (and some rank 4+ trees too but please not now)

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korea, poland, benelux (most uncreative), ygoslawia

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turkey would be a rank 4+ tree like (south) korea, ideally not now. (good) full trees could be made with poland, czechoslovakia, switzerland and the benelux nations, and maybe something can be done in south america as well but you’d get more nations in a single tree

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Yea I wonder if Poland is still on the table as it’s been over a year now

of course it is, that interview doesn’t mean much at all, gaijin answered diplomatically they didn’t hint at anything

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Gaijin number one rule if you are gonna say something big like that then it has to come in some form.

Like he mentioned Hungary loads of times in interviews and now look we got Hungary

i am still hopeful for a poland german sub tree addition and to give it the most notable addition, and yes yes i know no place on the tree anymore, open a new one like blue water and coastel

Tbh Poland would be the size between Italy and China with the Polish army getting stuff from anywhere it can get now I would think it’s now a good idea for Gaijin to add Poland

Poland should be paired up with Czechoslovakia. These 2 nations (well technically 3 nations) would make amazing whole new TT…and for 100% sure better then Israel is now.

Plus it would make a perfect TT to put vehicles from other Warsaw pack nations to put in. Even with Yugoslavia. With todays conflict it would be also a good place for Ukraine tanks that would fill the high/top tier gaps which there would be some.


I wouldn’t mind a Czechoslovakian sub tree for Poland with some Baltic premiums here and there.