A moral dilemma... flying a bomber

Lads, I’ve been forced into a corner by my better half.

Before you think less of me for bombing just know it isn’t my fault, the girlfriend likes to play Ps5 and I share screen with her so I can watch her suffer. I mean give advice.

Problem is you can’t really fly a fighter share screening nor drive a tank as I stupidly either block my gear indicator so I have no idea what gear I’m in or it blocks the damage indicator or chat.

So bombing it is. Now I have been trying to be honourable by flying without using manual controlled gunners and I refuse to fly the ridiculous later war German bombers so I’ve been sitting my arse in the Halifax (beautiful plane) or the Lancaster (also beautiful plane). The issue is that to be honest with the weapon damage the way it is I’m long dead before my guys even fire. Apparently British bombers are made out of tin foil.

So my question is this. Is it still scumbaggery to use mouse aim (or joystick aim in this case) to defend yourself or is it acceptable considering my defensive armament and the current situation at the moment regarding weapon damage? Getting instantly torn in half after climbing for 10 minutes is becoming a chore.

Not at all, do whatever it takes to win. Apart from cheating of course


First of all there is no honour in WT, i fly lancaster and use joystick and controler for gunners. Many piayers have better than average control set ups so i suggest use best you can get your hands on

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Use what you have at your disposal. If I’m flying a slow lumbering bomber, I’m gonna try to gun down anything in range.

Can’t get mad at players for using bombers as they’re intended.

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Do it.
The AI gunners are useless. If the attacker is not completely stupid and flies 150m behind you for 10s, they will never hit him.

As much as I hope for a better solution (gunners firing at ~500-700m and no 3rd person view anymore), I must admit that bombers need it at the moment.

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Try Air Sim, easiest mode for bomber.
I remember spading the israelian B-17 in one game.

Comment below is NOT RELEVANT as i didn’t realize we were on SIM section…i leave it for context purposes, but does NOT apply AFAIK

Not sure if it is a PS4 issue…but manually using turrets was not too effective…bombers are always at a disadvantage, even with manual turrets…

There was a time, years ago when attacking a bomber from behind (one on one versus a bomber with good armament) was very difficult and the fighter would often take damage versus AI gunners. At the time i had to plan my attacks and attack from the front or at a good angle (reducing aiming time)…and it actually mattered if the fighter had good guns or not (the number of hits to do damage).
I recall looking at bomber models to check where the turrets were…was actually fun…even if attacking bombers was harder…

Last time i played, fighters would go directly to the bomber and start firing before the gunners reacted…so anything that would improve the bomber chances seems fair to me…
I play mostly tanks now…but i do air intercepts a lot and there are three ways i miss the bomber kill…

  • a escort kills me very fast
  • someone else kills the bomber first
  • my fighter cant get to the bomber due to distance/speed
    i dont recall the last time the bomber gunners actually killed me…

After nearly a year long hiatus i recently feeled the itch to visit the gutter once again, and hence i´m happily allowed to share my opinion (which, of course, is the only truth) about this neverending story:
using mouse-aim is legit for:

  • being part of a spontaniusly formed, ragtag flight of player controlled torpedo/dive-bombers which target is the CV or the ship convoy…The goal is to hold out long enough untill your flight gets in range of the ships lasers.
  • punishing half-assed, low-speed-same-alt fighter approaches from behind while autogunners show stormtrooper-skills, when being en route to a ground target or back to base
  • and, i guess, when flying anything british armed with 7.7 only.

using mouse-aim is scumbaggery, when…

  • the multi-turreted vehicle is used to disturb those funny biplane fights
  • used for other non-bomber related tasks like intercepting ai-air targets or capping zones (maybe except when its a really close game that is coming to an end)

using mouse-aim should bring u directyto hell when…

  • airshow smoke is additionally used to sucker other players into death beam range.

And finally,
using mouse-aim should credit you a medal, when…

  • u join formation with those poor shmucks who have to to circle at D4 since at least 2021 and defend them, since I´m convinced they must be really dizzy now (but at least the Forrestal is replaced)
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When you’re using Mouse Aim in Sim to fly… (stop saying it doesn’t exist, it does)

  • and it’s just my opinion lol

But gunning from the bombers in sim takes skill regardless, when those that can do it are good at it it can seem OP but they’re still quite vulnerable to attacking so unless things are improved (i.e. AI gets better, etc) I’m fine with mouse aiming your guns from a bomber with 3rd person view and everything.

You pretty much have to manually aim you guns in bombers in order for them to shoot before the enemy is rammed right up your arse these days. Firing range for the AI is capped to 210m

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Sadly yes. Besides limited ammo, gunners haven’t changed at all. It still gives you magical powers like 3rd person view autostabilized gunners and massively increased accuracy (however this might not be true on ps5).

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Sir, this is the simulator section of the forum. They are not at a disadvantage… They have a huge advantage.

My bad. After all these years i still so this from time to time…i see the topic and forget to check the section…

Admit have no idea how they work in sim…ignore above comments.

Actually you do have an idea. Since manual bomber Gunners work the exact same way in AB RB and SB. But that’s the issue, the fighters don’t work the same way, which causes the imbalance.

Yeah this is what I wondered still. I was one of those that grouched about overpowered mouse aim gunnery and the last thing I want to be is a hypocrite. That said in the big slow and heavy bombers which are torn apart like tissue paper with the current hilarious gun damage I can’t lie it’s depressing climbing for what feels like an eternity to hear “thunk!” tail cut loose and your gunners don’t even fire a shot.

Those that abuse the broken bombers (JU288 etc) deserve all they get especially when they’re using them as heavy fighters… but the actual proper heavy bombers I can’t help but feel sympathy for.

That said I have come up with a system that might be fair. I usually fly from the cockpit anyways but if I notice a fighter coming my way I won’t open fire till they get within reasonable range and then only short bursts (more as a deterrent than to kill, I’ve only got small calibre MG’s), then if/when they get close enough for the AI’s to open fire switch to cockpit view and pray to whichever god is up there that they hit something. That way I’m not laserbeaming fighters to death but maybe I won’t be eviscerated instantly.

Yeah i know that feeling.

Back in the day i made a test in the beaufort to test how broken the bombers are, maybe it wasn’t as broken as i thought and injust had fighter bias. 10 missions (this was before EC) unleveled crew.

10 kills 1 death.

From someone with next to zero bomber experience even in AB and RB.

Yeah… It’s bad. I still want to apologize to my victims.

AFAIK. There haven’t been changes to the mechanics.

Bombers are still a mess. The only good thing is top tier since gunners don’t matter much there.

playing with bombers is just a waste of time and SL

Sir, this is the SB subsection.

I know that Bombers have issues in RB, but the situation is veeeeery different in SB.

You can post about your issues in one of the plethora of RB Bomber threads.

But don’t post in the subsection of a gamemode you don’t play. You don’t know our situation and by acting like we have the same problems as RB, you might make our actual problems with bombers worse.

I still see fighters attacking bombers in a straight line from behind, with a speed difference of maybe 50 or 100 km/h.
You are a non moving target that get’s bigger and bigger.
What else do you expect than bullets in your face?

From the last 10 bomber I shot down in BR 4.0-7.0 maybe 3 hit me and only one killed me by a lucky pilot snipe.

Bombers are still victims in SIM if you don’t simply fly behind them.

Best way to get them is head on from 500m below or a dive from the side. Works 80%.

If you are behind them, be patient, climb, fly to their side and then dive on them. Fast in, fast out.

As much as I dislike the 3rd person view because it has no place in SIM, with these stupid useless AI gunners it’s necessary.

Gaijin could fix this easily by increasing their range, but they could fix many things in SIM easily… 😅

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