A Modest Suggestion to Address CAS in Ground Battles

Over the last year or two, Gaijin has implemented a variety of different ideas to address the problems posed by CAS- including increasing spawn cost, changing over-pressure mechanics, and introducing fast-firing high-velocity SPAAs at lower tiers. However, the general consensus that I have observed in the community is that these changes have been insufficient and CAS remains a dominant force with few counters.

While Gaijin could continue to double down on these ideas, I think that this would generally be negative. Although many would probably disagree, CAS is a completely valid way to play the game and people have spent lots of time unlocking these vehicles so that they can use them in Ground RB, so changes that make them utterly useless or impossible to get enough SP to use except for the top players in the game (such as more nerfs to the effectiveness of ordinance or an even greater increase to SP costs, respectively) are negative.

Gaijin should continue to add more SPAA to deal with CAS at reasonable battle ratings. However, there is another solution that would mitigate the problem almost instantaneously that still allows players to be able to use the CAS vehicles they unlock and use them effectively while not allowing them to dominate, and the best part is that it is already implemented in the game for some players.

I am talking about target tracking/aim assist for all SPAA. Console players already have access to this feature and it is incredibly helpful for dealing with CAS. Although this diminishes the element of realism in one respect, it would enhance realism in other respects (e.g., ground vehicles are not under constant threat of CAS/revenge bombing).

TLDR: Gaijin should give all players access to the target tracking/aim assist ability on all SPAA in arcade and realistic battles.


Especially those that had it IRL like the Stormer HVM.


Maybe port over the naval aiming? Might be worth looking into

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That’s definitely a possibility! I think this would be great to address high-altitude bombing. At lower altitudes I think the console aim assist would work just fine.

I think this issue is better addressed elsewhere on this forum.

From what i see the issue is people just never spawn in SPAA and they just spam MBTs to get as many ground kills as possible but while they are tunnel visioning with their MBTs they die to CAS cause all of them are just MBTs. I started just taking in only SPAA like the OTOMATIC and the SIDAM 25 and i get like 3 to 4 air kills and the enemy team cant keep a single aircraft in the air. Its a matter of players starting to be a team.


At top-tier this feature basically already exists for SPAA because they can track planes and helicopters with their radars. This is not the case as it currently stands at the lower tiers as SPAAs still regularly miss their targets and get trounced by planes, which proves my point.

I mean i do the same thing with the R3 and get plenty of air kills. I spawn in a light tank or medium tank at the start of the game then after i die i spawn in the R3 cause people start spawning in aircraft after getting points. Its just the matter of spawning in SPAA and getting good at using them.

That’s fair, and I completely agree that Gaijin should be adding more SPAAs like the R3. However, even with the R3 and other fast-firing high-velocity SPAAs which have been around for years at this point, the consensus in the community still appears to be that CAS is too strong. This is why I am a proponent of the target tracking feature as it makes SPAAs across the board more effective, and console players already have access to this feature, so it wouldn’t be too game-breaking.

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They could do with just making SPAA a more rewarding option, especially if you take it in from start. CAS is strongest when its just started being spawned. Later game, You have some SPAA/CAP to at least make it harder for CAS. but mid-game, good chance no one is in SPAA or CAP.

Not just making SPAA a little easier, but also just make it more rewarding/useful early game, like adding scouting to SPAA> would be hugely impactful

I don’t think scouting will address the issue that CAS presents because even with scouting it will always be less efficient for winning games and dealing with ground targets than dedicated tanks. I don’t think it will do much to encourage people to play SPAAs.

This would be a issue cause for console players they kind of need it due to using controllers, like FPS games having aim assist. PC players can be way more precise due to having a mouse so if you gave PC players that aim feature it would abouslutly dominate. The issue is not to make SPAA easer to play but for players to get better at using them. People dont really use SPAA that much so when they get told to use them and they start spawning it in cause theres a lot of planes in the air, they die in a matter of minutes cause they cant use the SPAA vehicle well at all, then they say CAS is overpowered.


Here is a typical sight “of all times and countries”. Any game tracking/aim assist with such a sight will be nothing more than blatant cheating.


At some point I do think the problem does become how easy it is to use SPAA effectively, because at some point everything is just a “skill issue.” However, I don’t think attributing this to a skill issue is a reasonable assessment of low tier SPAA players, especially compared to how easy it is to perform extremely well in CAS at those tiers. Top tier SPAA are extremely easy compared to lower tiers and target tracking plays a huge role in that (imagine, for example, an ADATS without a radar. it would be completely useless).


Here is a cockpit on an F-16. Mouse and keyboard are blatant cheating compared to IRL.

Not if you use a HOTAS :P

Haha, true. But obviously this is a game and realism must be balanced with ease of access and play-ability.

Yep absolutely. But yeah, its just fine tuning any assist to not be OP. There is a reason why very few games, especially PvP games, have aim assist for mouse-aim. Though maybe there are other options.

Maybe its time to give a lead-indicator for SPAA. Even if it wasnt massively accurate (a much larger circle that would give at least a rough idea on lead) or had more limited range (too still give value to having radar). Just something to make SPAA a little easier without being broken OP.

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For sure on PC is a lot easier to aim. I’d recommend console player to plug in a keyboard/mouse on the console and keybind each button. Takes a while but once you added them, not delete, just add another keybind, should be fine and have better gameplay. Here’s a video I recorded dealing with CAS. Sad it was just me and a bit of one other player. Tried my best to save my fellow tankers. I did spawn on tank first but got killed by someone who was camping a spot, then spawned on SPAAG. Started recording after I saw planes coming. Was an awesome match, really enjoyed it.

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Okay. Ww2 rangefinding button is cheating