A Merkava Mk.3D for Israel?

It’s just a Vidar with a bigger first stage ammorack and slightly better turret armor so probably like 8.7-9.0

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That will be something i would grind no matter what, howitzer are always fun

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iirc, the original ‘Matador’ was an international export name for the Gal FCS found on the Magach 6B Gal and Magach 6B Gal Batash.

Without APFSDS? Probabley around 9.0 or something.

I also forgot to mention the rounds themselves, aside from being able to use any NATO 155mm round, the Sholef made particular use of the ERFB-BB shell. I am still trying to figure out if this is a type of shell or if this directly refers to the Slovakian ERFB-BB (OFd M3-DV) shell made by MSM Group (IMO highly unlikely).

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Bruh it is a lot more than that.

It has a better turret traverse rate (I estimated 62.7°/s), fully stabilized gun, much better mobility more similar to the M1A1 Abrams, and far superior ammunition.

Aw hell naw.

When I visited Beit Hatotchan (House of the artilleryman, Israeli artillery museum), I directly measured the thickness of the Sholef V1’s turret. Those are the thickness sizes I found:

Front 48cm
Sides 23cm
Rear 27cm

Turret front:

The plate isn’t hollow normally, probably the extra armor was taken off, the plates on the turret side are filled



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According to an article by Colonel Yaakov Tzur, the Merkava Mk.3D incorporates a 2nd Gen thermal TDI-480 from production level.

This news was published later than the above magazine, which means that the upgrade it refers to seems to be for the Merkava Mk.3 Bet Baz (Mk.3C).



So is there a chance it will get the new sight in game then?

Mk.3D needs to be change. but Mk.3C has been submitted as a suggestion.


Ah… Unless it gets passed along with the suggestion on the BR changes I doubt the 3C will change

Wait hold on. Why only a suggestion? Isn’t the whole point of the 3C to get the upgraded systems of the 3D to the 3B?

Bet Baz was first produced in 1995. In 1995, the TDI-480 had not yet been developed.

It mean Bet Baz with the 1st Gen thermal wasn’t wrong either.

This is why I submitted it as a suggestion.

Oooooooooh okay that makes sense

Hey @_David_Bowie do you know if the spotlight on the Magach 6M/Shot Kal Alef/M-51(w) is a regular or IR spotlight?
It doesn’t seem to work at all so idk if I should bug report it since night battles are returning

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The only bug fix/suggestion ticket I could find was closed on the Issue forum.

If it’s not the one you guys are talking about, an someone provide me the link for correct one?

I have a proposal to bolster the Israeli TT:

How about adding Singapore sub tree to Israel TT?

“Relations between the two countries have been extremely cordial and friendly for more than half a century, which are influenced by their similar geopolitical state of affairs, being relatively small states surrounded by larger neighbors hostile to their continued existence.”
Israel have collaborated with Singapore involving an array of military topics and have supplied them with numerous ammunitions, missiles and weapon platforms.

Singapore has interesting collection of armored vehicles like SSPH-1 Primus, Terrex-3, Bionix-II, Hunter IFV etc … that can bring some added flavor to War Thunder

Can Singapore be added as a subtree in Israeli Tech Tree? (discussing in regards to Ground TT for now)
  • Hmm … not a bad idea. Singapore can bolster the Israeli tech tree.
  • Nah … not need. Israel can be bolstered by some other nation if needed.

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Must Say, All of that and it will still be better in every way then the Puma, Now that the Vilkas is in game you can pretty much see the Performance of the Namer weapon system, Now Simply Put all of that on an up armored Merkava mk4 Hull with trophy and Smoke systems and you can pretty much imagine then Namer would stand at around 10.7-11.3 Depends on how accurate Gaijin would model the armor on the Namer, And even if they mounted it on a Regular Mk4 hull without making any changes to the armor it will be much more powerful then the Puma

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