A Merkava Mk.3D for Israel?

In the likely upcoming update for October, it would be nice if the Merkava Mk.3D could be added to the Mk.3 folder inside of Israel’s tech tree. The model already exists in the US tech tree, so it shouldn’t be too hard to add one for Israel’s 11.0 lineup :D

And it could go right here in the folder under the Mk.3C.


That is a problem that gaijin has been dealing with for quite some time, it holds events and puts tanks from small nations (Israel, Hungary, etc.), tanks that are not prototypes, that entered service in their respective countries, but at the same time they add those countries to the game, so they are tanks that could be implemented in your nation, but since they are an event in another nation, they cannot.

They’ve already added several events vehicles as tech tree in nations on multiple occasions. You don’t have to look that hard.


Which vehicles have they added?

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One example is the LVT 57mm in the Chinese tech tree that America has as an event vehicle.

A second one would be the Type 62 Light tank in the Chinese tech tree that Russia has as an event vehicle.

A third would be America’s Merkava Mk.2B which is identical to the Israel tech tree one.

Those are just some off the top of my head.


In the Chinese vehicles, if I agree with you, I also imagine that it is because they did not think of another vehicle to put in, but the Merkava 2B event is not the same as the one from the Israeli branch, the Merkava 2B from Israel is correct ,but the American event one is either the Merkava 2C or 2B Late, since the event one has added armor on the roof of the tower that the one Israel has in the tach tree does not have.

Either way, it would still help Israel. Having Merkavas in your American lineup isn’t going to change, but it wouldn’t be right for the US tech tree to have exclusive Israeli vehicles when Israel’s tech tree needs more tanks.


That’s why I tell you that gaijunn doesn’t do it well, I don’t know if in the future they will implement those three Merkava that are in the American tree for the Israeli tree, but it is something that should have been done at the time they implemented the tree Israeli, since lacking low tier tanks it would be normal for them to have more vehicles in the higher tier.

they moved two premium vehicles over to Isreal also, the Shot Kalet and the M60 that was in the US tree

I admit that the Israeli premium issue bothered me a lot. I bought the Magach 3 ERA and the Shot Kal Dalet because there were no Israeli vehicles, just as I got the Israeli event tanks since I like their models, but it turns out They put the Israeli tech tree, adding those same two premium tanks but this time in the Israeli tree, so I bought them again. One thing well done would be that Gaijin would have given the possibility to choose which premium you want, yes, continue having that of the American tech tree or changing to the Israeli tech tree.

I think adding Mk.3D is still ok for the market price. First, Mk.3D in the US tech line is different from the Israel tech line anyway. Israel only has some tanks compared to the US that have a lot of tanks and more variety of plane too. so for me this not going to change anything if the player still likes to play the US more than Israel because of the tech tree.

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I mean, if Gaijin put Mk.3D in the research line it is still okay for the price in the market.

I see it the same way. In my opinion, the IDF in general needs “a little” more attention to fill in gaps.
A single 9.7th tank, a single 10.3th AA that is a half disaster and only two 11.0th tanks …

Please give them the Merkava 3D on 11.0 for a playable 11.0 BR.
Other tanks for the IDF layout would be:
SPYDER AA on 11.0
Pereh 10.7 - 11.3
Merkava Mark IIC 9.3
Merkava Mark III BAZ 11.0
Merkava Mark III LIC 11.0 [Premium].
Namer 7.0 - 9.0 (+/-) (with reconnaissance function - the IDF practically lacks this completely)

Merkava Mark V (if the new tanks come in).


Namer would likely be a 10.7 IFV due to Spikes, Trophy, and the (hopefully) really good armor.

Pereh doesn’t actually have a gun. It’s fake. All it has is the missiles inside.

The SPYDER according to what I’ve read would have more range than the Pantsir, but it would not have a close range defense.

And I would also like to see the Eitan and the Giraf. The Giraf should also be implemented with the launcher capable of changing its position since images show it at different heights.

i think Namer is 10.0 - 10.3 but Eitan is 10.0 - 10.7

Namer would be a better PUMA IFV in every way other than mobility.

Regarding the Namer:
I thought the Namer was exclusively equipped with the 12.7mm M2 Browning or the 40mm Mk-19 grenade launcher?

For a low BR, you could also bring in a version without missile defense.

Regarding the Pereh:
I’m very sure that the tank can fire its 12 spikes as well and that the cannon is really just camouflage - can you please give me the source so I can get smarter about that as well?

Regarding the Pereh:
I know, but lack of range is never really the problem in ground battles on this BR, is it? At least not for me with the Pantsir.
So the only advantage of the SPYDER over the Pantsir would be practically worthless.
I have to correct myself, to my knowledge the missiles are “harder” to shake off - for that he has hal only 4 and has to build up first …
In my opinion, this definitely justifies a >bit< lower BR.

I will have a look at the other two vehicles.
A friend of mine wants the TCM on the BTR hull, maybe that will come …
Do any of you know if the Israelis had the modified ZSU-23-4 with the guided missiles? Would be helpful in this case.

Also, you could insert the complete Tiran series (I know, copy-paste) - currently missing:
Tiran-1 = T-54
Tiran-2 = T-55
Tiran-5 = T-55 +new chain screens + M2 Browning
Tiran-5S = T-55 +105mm Royal Ordnance L7 gun +IR searchlight for commander + homing device - some later with ERA
Tiran-6 = T-62
Ti-67S = T-62 + 609 hp Detroit 8V-71T diesel engine + weapon stabilization system + IR detectors + new night vision equipment for commander, gunner and driver

This would significantly expand the BR around 7.7 to 9.0.

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I’ve been wanting this exact patch to occur for awhile as well lol


Namer with a crewless 30mm cannon turret equipped with spikes and a Trophy APS

If you look closely at the Pereh’s cannon, it’s very clearly just used to confuse enemies at a glance.

There’s no way the missiles can fit if a cannon was to be put in it.

Pereh - Wikipedia

The Pereh (Hebrew: פרא: Onager ) is an Israeli anti-tank missile carrier, disguised as a tank.