A list of the current issues with war thunder, I want your opinions

These are the current issues War thunder is dealing with, from what I’ve heard and witnessed myself.

Some of these issues may have been fixed at least partially, but anyway here you go.

  1. Spawn Camping: Some players exploit spawn points, unfairly targeting opponents as soon as they respawn, leading to frustration and an unfair advantage.

  2. Map Design: Certain maps may be unbalanced or poorly designed, favouring one side or leading to repetitive gameplay experiences.

  3. Grinding and Progression: Unlocking new vehicles and upgrades can feel excessively grindy, leading to player frustration and burnout.

  4. Technical Issues: Players encounter problems such as server issues, bugs, and optimization problems, disrupting gameplay experiences.

  5. Community Toxicity: Toxic behaviour within the player community, including harassment and unsportsmanlike conduct, negatively impacts the game environment.

  6. Spawn Protection: Spawn protection mechanisms sometimes fail to adequately shield players upon spawning, resulting in unfair deaths.

  7. Air-to-Ground Balance: Balancing air-to-ground attacks and anti-air capabilities can be difficult, leading to imbalanced gameplay dynamics.

  8. User Interface and Controls: Some players find the user interface and control schemes overly complex or unintuitive, particularly for new players.

  9. Game Modes: Certain game modes may be more popular or better supported than others, leading to dissatisfaction among some players.

  10. Balance Between Nations: Balancing the strengths and weaknesses of different nations’ vehicle tech trees is an ongoing challenge for the developers.

  11. Meta Shifts: Changes in gameplay mechanics, vehicle stats, and meta strategies can disrupt player strategies and experiences.

  12. Economy and Monetization: Concerns arise regarding the balance between in-game currency earnings and the costs of purchasing and upgrading vehicles.

  13. Community Management: Issues with handling community feedback, moderation, and transparency in communication from developers.

  14. Game Performance and Optimization: Players face problems such as framerate drops, lag, and crashes, impacting the overall gameplay experience.

  15. Gameplay Stagnation: Some players feel the gameplay has become stagnant or repetitive over time due to a lack of innovation.

  16. Matchmaking Transparency: Lack of clarity and transparency in matchmaking algorithms can lead to confusion and frustration.

  17. Player Progression: Problems include perceived grind of progression, lack of meaningful rewards, and limited customization options.

  18. Historical Accuracy: Concerns arise about inaccuracies or inconsistencies in historical representation within the game. Important for some players

  19. Exploits and Cheating: The presence of exploits, hacks, and cheating behaviour negatively impacts the fairness of the game environment.

  20. Player Feedback Incorporation: Players feel their feedback isn’t adequately considered or implemented by developers, leading to dissatisfaction with the direction of the game.

  21. Communication Tools: In-game communication tools are lacking, hindering teamwork and coordination, especially in modes where cooperation is essential.

  22. Vehicle Customization: Limited options for vehicle customization and specialization lead to a lack of diversity in gameplay and personalization.

  23. Server Stability: Inconsistent server stability results in frequent disconnections, disrupting matches and frustrating players.

  24. Incentive Structures: Incentive structures within the game are perceived as skewed, favouring certain playstyles or behaviour’s over others.

  25. Lack of Endgame Content: Players feel there is a lack of meaningful endgame content, diminishing long-term engagement and motivation.

  26. Learning Curve: Steep learning curves for new players deter them from fully engaging with the game and contribute to frustration.

  27. Lack of Variety in Objectives: Gameplay objectives lack variety and depth, leading to repetitive and monotonous experiences.

  28. Limited Role Differentiation: Certain vehicle roles lack distinctiveness, blurring the lines between different playstyles and diminishing strategic depth.

  29. Resource Management: Resource management mechanics, such as repair costs and ammunition expenses, are perceived as punishing and detract from enjoyment.

  30. Environmental Interactivity: Environments lack interactivity and dynamic elements, reducing immersion and strategic possibilities.

  31. Community Events: Community events lack diversity and engagement, resulting in decreased participation and interest from players.

  32. Voice Chat Integration: Lack of integrated voice chat hinders real-time communication and coordination among players.

  33. Accessibility Features: Insufficient accessibility features, such as customizable controls and visual aids, limit the game’s accessibility for players with disabilities.

  34. Repetitive Rewards: Rewards for gameplay achievements become repetitive and lack excitement, diminishing player motivation.

  35. Dynamic Weather Systems: Absence of dynamic weather systems limits environmental variability and strategic considerations during gameplay.

  36. Progression Transparency: Lack of transparency in progression systems and requirements leads to confusion and frustration among players.

  37. Single-Player Content: Insufficient single-player content or campaigns restricts options for solo players and those seeking alternative experiences.

  38. Vehicle Balance Updates: Slow or infrequent updates to vehicle balance exacerbate issues with overpowered or underpowered vehicles.

  39. Clan and Group Features: Lack of robust clan and group features limits social interaction and coordination among players.

  40. In-Game Tutorials: Inadequate in-game tutorials fail to sufficiently educate new players on game mechanics and strategies, resulting in a steep learning curve.

  41. Vehicle Handling Consistency: Inconsistencies in vehicle handling and physics detract from the realism and immersion of the gameplay experience.

  42. Limited Map Diversity: Lack of diversity in map design and environments leads to repetitive gameplay experiences and reduced strategic depth.

  43. Limited Role Specialization: Lack of specialization options for vehicle roles limits strategic depth and diversity in gameplay tactics.

  44. Match Duration: Matches are perceived as too short or too long, affecting player engagement and satisfaction with the overall experience.

  45. Limited Player Agency: Players feel limited in their ability to influence match outcomes due to factors beyond their control, such as matchmaking algorithms or spawn mechanics.

  46. Limited Faction Differentiation: Factions lack distinctiveness in terms of gameplay mechanics, vehicle characteristics, and strategic options.

  47. Limited Replay Value: Lack of replay value in matches and game modes reduces long-term player engagement and interest.

  48. Premium Content Balance: Premium content is perceived as unbalanced or providing unfair advantages, leading to dissatisfaction among non-paying players.

  49. Technical Support Responsiveness: Slow or inadequate technical support responses to player inquiries or issues contribute to frustration and dissatisfaction.

  50. Community Engagement Events: Lack of engaging community events and interactions with developers diminishes player involvement and enthusiasm for the game.

These following facts are War thunder claiming to be, some are definitely true while others should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  1. Realistic: War Thunder’s accuracy provides an immersive and educational experience.

  2. Variety of Vehicles: The game offers a vast array of meticulously detailed vehicles from different eras and nations.

  3. Realistic Vehicle Physics: Authentic vehicle physics contribute to immersion and realism.

  4. Engaging Gameplay Modes: Diverse modes cater to different playstyles, from fast-paced to immersive.

  5. Community Collaboration: Strong sense of community fosters teamwork and camaraderie.

  6. Regular Content Updates: Consistent updates keep the game fresh with new content and features.

  7. Free-to-Play Model: Accessibility is ensured with a free-to-play model.

  8. Balanced Progression System: Rewards skill while providing achievable goals for advancement.

  9. Active Development Team: Developers listen to player feedback and address issues promptly.

  10. Epic Scale Battles: Large-scale battles offer intense and immersive gameplay experiences.

  11. Dynamic Weather Effects: Weather effects add challenge and realism, requiring adaptation.

  12. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Players across platforms can play together seamlessly.

  13. Innovative Events: Special events offer unique challenges and rewards.

  14. Educational Value: Offers valuable insights into military history alongside gameplay.

What is your stance/opinion on any of these points. Do you relate? Is any of the points war thunder claims either wrong or incorrect by any margin?

Players I want your opinions here on the forum.

War thunder is far from a perfect game, but seeing as there is no competition they get away with way more than they should be getting away with, only massive organised player revolts/protests have proved to attract the developers attention. War thunder needs to change but how?

Now with a poll:

On a scale how much do you relate?
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  • 2
  • 3
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Invisible missile is still issues in Jet game


lmao - a guy playing for ages Arcade with Rank II & III tanks feels the need to confirm this:


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In the lyric of a popular song

“We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the worlds been turning. We didn’t start the fire, No we didn’t light it but we tried to fight it”


And in the words of Zoltansultans song “How 4000 Hours of Warthunder Feels”

Italy is total ass

Anyway that’s enough

This is the current mental health of most players trying to main any SPAA vehicle or the Leclerc, Ariete, or any other non-meta tank

You know what that is the mental state of most players XD

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Players often feel they have no choice but to accept the conditions set by developers or give up on the genre entirely. With no competition to challenge them, these games can get away with aggressive monetization tactics and slower innovation, leaving players feeling frustrated and powerless. This situation stands in stark contrast to games like Squad, which face greater scrutiny due to competition within their genre. The lack of alternatives in certain gaming niches underscores the importance of increased competition to drive innovation and prioritize player satisfaction in the gaming industry.

Anyway here is a example why the media guy is a legend:


Man goes an lists every problem with any MMO ever.
If you dislike the game that much then just don’t play it.
Also don’t you dare talk about faction differentiation, you only play sweden lol

Dumb it down even further? Hell no.

At least not in Air Sim. And for tanks a lot of the controls are even more simplified than in GTA V, even in sim. All tanks are stabilized by mouse aim so you don’t have to correct for the hull movement even in ww2 tanks… It is ridiculous.

Who called that overly complicated?

Nah that point is BS. What gaijin needs is a good tutorial, the controls themselves are fine, but the way they are explained to the player is terrible.

I mean, suuuuure some parts of WT have a steep learing curve. Wel actually it is just one part of War Thunder: Air SB, but you basically need to learn to fly a plane, so this is to be expected. A shallow learning curve would ruin the mode.

For the rest i think players complaining never really faced having to work for something in a video game. Because the learning curves are moderate at best but far from steep.

I had games with fog so thick flying became Impossible, there is a lot of variety here.

The max game length is 3hours. So i think it is fine.

War Thunder at no point claimed to be historically accurate, it claimed to be realistic.

You should divide the threads by gamemode. Since the answers are very depended on what you play. Otherwise you will not be able to pin an answer post to a gamemode making it useless.


You certainly included a very long list.

I feel like there are relatively simple solutions that could make the game a lot better for 90% of players:


  • reduce team sizes for upper tier standard Air RB.

  • add a separate Air RB EC mode with 16 v 16, larger maps and respawning - like Sim EC.


  • fortify spawn points better - more cover to help avoid camping.

  • reduce the spawn cost of air to air aviation assets but increase the spawn cost of air to ground aviation assets (CAS).

  • add a 10% bonus to RP and SL when team tickets fall below 25% to encourage players to stay for the whole match.

There are certainly more solutions for air and ground but i feel these would be pretty simple.


i do try to play Germany and Italy, then France sometimes.

I’m trying to look at it from a overview of the game as a whole.

These things would fix some of the above.

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That’s why i included unintuitive, we need more straight forward controls for the average player. Not fell ream but normal controls

My bad, ill change it.

This is why i want opinions. So i can improve this and make this post relatable for most people here

What would be the point?

So lets say people find the controls too complex.
Do you then make them simpler in AB or introduce mouse aim to SB (both air)?

That’s the issue.you cannot draw any meaningful conclusions from it.

Full real is needed as well, people came to WT for realism.

I’m sorry I tried to say that Full realistic should still be in the game, but that we should have a tutorial or something to set up controls for all different kinds of systems or armament options and have a manual of sorts.

But that the Base control systems should be improved for newer players, so its simple.

Too many points to address, but I’ll give some.

  1. spawn camping.
    Matches are short. Maybe players can be force relocated back to spawn like going out of bounds points you back toward map.
  2. map design
    Only gripe is Flanders
  3. Grinding
    It’s fine. Game is meant to be pickup and play and fun at all BR.
  4. tech issues
    It’s not bad overall.
  5. Community toxicity
    You’re just a carebear with unrealistic expectations of players in a video game. Talking about toxicity or even using the word is to condemn the playerbase for competitive banter. Not everyone is “good” at it, and the variety of banter exists in reality for a reason. Trying to control it just makes you look like the dumbest person in existence.
  6. Comm tools
    Spam filter sucks.
  7. Lack of endgame
    Endgame is playing the game.
  8. Weather
    More weather would be great. I love the rain.
  9. In-game tutorials
    I don’t know if a tutorial can exist to cover every base that exists in this game. The game is also patched often, so info will always become obsolete. Maybe a disclaimer as to what the player is getting into would be helpful.
  10. map diversity
    It’s not bad. I actually like repeating maps sometimes because it allows new strats to be tried while you are thinking of them.