A Guide For Beginners in Ground Battles

…would be very cool of you Gajin.

If one would ask me whats the most important thing to know before join a !!!multiplayer!!! !!!team game!!! is to learn how to mark an enemy on the map so your team has a clue what you see, what you shooting at or what did kill you so they are able to avoid the same ambush that u trapped in.

Actually i grind Japan and been playing top tier most of the past years only and, jesus chries, its soooo anoying to play match after match where everyone is just playing !!!solo!!!, not listening to markers on map, not even mark anything on the map.

and the next thing i would consider as 2nd important in a !!!multyplayergame!!! help your team in !!!flanking!!! the enemys.
My god, match after match i see those dudes going respawn and choose the same route to the same graveyard that is allready overloaded with wrecks of the half team.

So please gajin, i mean its nice you have tutorials how to use a freakin ATGM or Bomb and how to drive forward and backwards but i just cant stand it anymore, thats why i never will go back lower than top tier unless like now, i grind a new nation which i wont do so soon anymore when finally finished Japan…


I wonder what the fun is in driving stupidly to your death over and over and over again … so yes please Gaijin. Basic tactical training would be great!

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A YouTuber mentioned that the fact the game doesn’t have any complex/complete tutorial about mechanics is part of Gaijin’s tactic for getting the doubloons if you know what I mean.

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I’ve seen some pretty good tutorials and and advice for ground battles and other things. But have not seen one made specifically from Gaijin. I think it could/would be pretty cool to see one and what they would add to it

They can’t monetize tutorials so we won’t get them… the ground tutorial is a Panther ll with 700mm APCR for some reason, the missile tutorial doesn’t even function despite it being 3 button presses.

At lesat they added a Fox-3 tutorial, but only on their YT channel and not actually in the game.

You can’t fix impatience and a tutorial about tactical movement won’t help these players.

These are the same ones that will climb a hill because it’s the direct line to wherever they are going, instead of going around it and using the dead ground, and then get shot as they crest it.

The same ones who die in a tank, have enough SP to spawn a plane and fly across the map to bomb the guy that killed them, regardless of what is actually happening on the ground or in the air.

The same ones that will cap the closest point and then drive straight to the enemy spawn, ignoring the rest of the map and enemy team capping beside or behind them.

They are also the group that Gaijin is adjusting maps for, as they are incapable of looking to their flanks, so therefore maps are compressed or routes blocked to accommodate the lemmings.


You can’t expect someone to teamplay in a multiplayer game without ranked mode since there are always many newbies on both team. Just play your best.

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Yeah, it is actually cringe that you need to go to youtube, find tutorials, bind some random keybinds to be able to use missiles, radar etc. Game is not user friendly at all


i try my best but its taking its tribute, i start insulting and shoutin at my screen even noones hear me, the complete chat is only filled with my markers on map or my insults or asking sarcastic questions like " anyone knows what does the ALT click on map does?" 90% i dont get answers or motivate them to finally mark as if they re disabled the chat completly. More over it looks like often they dont even play with speakers enebled, one enemy can shoot me right next to a team mate and he just keep driving forward just to get shoot from the back. each day most games a loss except those rare ones when you start and people already “Attck the A point” man its like Angels Singing when i hear that because i know at least a few know the game…

I have seen a lot of criticism about the lack of official tutorials in the game but Gaijin have allied themselves with content creators on youtube so maybe they feel that is the way to go.

Youtube is full of videos on how to play but the best thing for me is the replays.

If you get your butt kicked from a certain spot on the map then watch a replay and find that spot,use it.

If a player got a runaway 14 kills and you watch to see if they are a cheat often you find they are not but they know much that you dont. A great way to learn is to watch those who are really good.

I have seen so many so allied Chinese cheats who just outstanding and intelligent players.

I came first on my team with recently with 8 kills but the top guy in the other team got 17 and he was a BR below me.
Replay showed he knew where to position himself and certainly where to shoot for a one shot kill pretty much every time.

I killed him twice but he never gave up ,he died 7 times I think, but he won in the end,playing right until the last second.Good advice ,watch the replays.

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In mech warrior online is very evident. The have voip, WT too and they have a skilled based matchmaking system.
I have played from lowest tir to higest. The higher you get the more voip and coms are used. BY RANDOMS I MIGHT ADD!! NO CLANS!NO DISCORD OR TEAMSPEAK! RANDOM PLAYERS!!! EVERY MATCH!!!
I played RB a few matches now and I play SIM. In nether mode is voip used, even if they have it activated its not used. No one writes anything map related or tactical, exepct complains and insults in WT chat.

Cant balance stupid or fix it with tutorials.

Most have voip off or worse listen to music in the background or watch TV and dont focus. Maybe they do maybe they dont.

But there is zero TP in games.

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thank you i hope you state it to the biginners because i am no one. what bothers me is i am an average player but happen to be ranked mostly in the top 3 when my team losses, if i play in a “proper” team i am in the 5 to 10 league.

also after i postet my last thread i kept loosing a few more games and then i switched from european server, i am german, to NA and CIS and magically i ended up in 3 matches where i am in a “proper” team and won. i dont know what going on but the matchmaker does not work properly IMO. how come i am 90% of my games grouped with beginners and the enemy is allways inferior and changing the server makes me now in a good team?

I am in UK and I find it is noticeably easier on the US server.

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seems like this yea.

I think an issue is that a lot of the people here have been playing for years and don’t grasp just how unintuitive the game is, every new player brings max ammo and adds every new tank to their lineup so they’re playing 3.7 with one 2.7 tank and a bunch of reverse tanks, everything with max ammo, APCR because higher pen and shooting anywhere at anything that moves as if it’s HP based.

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What stops anybody from doing a bit of research to gain knowledge? Its all on youtube ,its all on the replays. There is a huge sub forum giving info on every vehicle.

Its rare but I have to defend Gaijin on this one .

Nothing stops anybody from taking steps to up their game.

I got to 56% on my av for GRB by watching others and watching videos and talking on here. Then It dropped to 47% as a result of trying some other tactic somebody suggested but that is my fault. I learned not to run with full ammo on this forum and about angling the tanks.

If you are going to keep doing the same thing again and again then you will suffer .I know this from my own experience.I do think Gaijin know how hard this game is and that it has faults so they do try to make learning material available.

yea but most people dont do outside of a game, thats why Gajin did tutorials in the game about dropping bombs/Missles

I would disagree. The whole Oddbalws,Spookson,Phillydaly thing was outside the game plus we have a section showing you where to hit an enemy tank and that is vital to getting kills.You have an area showing info on every tank and what they are about.

All wasted if nobody can be bothered to look.

Then we have this forum? If all people come here to do is argue and swear at each other or discuss what they read in a book once then OK but there are so many people on here to learn from but who bothers.

You have the ULQ guy who is on the first page of the best players in the game in the world but everybody spends more time arguing with him then tapping him up for tips.

There was a guy from the US Marines telling everybody the truth about the M1 he served in for years ,shouted down by the armchair experts.

You could put on a million tutorials and its for nothing if nobody bothers to look at them.
Far easier to play a thousand games in ignorance , punch the screen,blame the devs or scream abuse at every body else on chat than invest time in learning.

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Because you’re shifting the responsibility from the game to the player, yes nothing is stopping a player from looking up information online, but why does the game developer have no responsibility to inform to player on the mechanics of the game and instead puts that responsibility on community members to do it?


Welcome to War Thunder, a 1v31 PVP game. Just because some players have blue markers doesn’t mean they’re not the enemy…