A Guide For Beginners in Ground Battles

Because how many people do you know that will read a guide where the game developers explain teamwork? Honestly? Even if Gaijin would make a guide, or in-game hints, or anything like that, it’s still down to individual players to work together. And in any game like this where you’re basically lobbed together with complete randoms every match, that’s like herding cats. Sometimes it works and it’s glorious when it does, but most of the time you’re left scratched to fuck wondering what the hell just happened.

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I sometimes think that my “allies” are more dangerous and annoying than my enemies. Afterall they are just enemies in blue


That’s why you don’t make a guide, but you make a tutorial so people can play and experience it with a little reward for it.

Of course snail removed the rewards from them because imagine people getting like $0.20 worth of fake currency.

Even if they do that, people will, as you said, just play for the fake currency and ignore the message the tutorial is trying to teach them. Most people (myself included) have a tendency to just “yadda yadda blah blah come on let me play already” through tutorials.

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I am with you on most things on here,all things probably and if Gaijin want to improve training then fine but I can’t help but stand by what I wrote.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink and I feel Gaijin have done all they can to lead the horse…so to speak.It’s a pretty stupid horse it seems.

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You can also just drop a horse in a desert and expect someone else to lead it anywhere.

There only being so much you can do is not the same as not doing anything.

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And then it’s down to the player and not the game design.

It is the responsibility of the player to learn not gajins. They have a wiki and links in the game to pages.
There is plenty of real world information of tactics and intended use of said equipment in the game.

You have to do something to get better, do you expect that some one puts a I win button in your hand?

Acquiring knowledge is a “skill” that is as important as fast fingers and sure aim.
If you lack that skill you only got potential.

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No and if you read what I said I did not say that. I am not gate keeping here I said that if Gaijin wanted to do more training then OK .I would also say that the OP is not the only person who has raised this point it has been said before so it maybe an issue.I just feel that if I can eventually get into the learning side of WT then anybody can.

Anyone who studies any subject know they have to put work in and the world won’t just come to you all the time.I do think its fair to say that many on here come here to argue and lecture but never ask anything ,those who do often get attacked. Is that Gaijin’s fault?

Yes that’s what I said…

Whats flaking Gajin? doesnt know what flanking is!

The issue of map pings is not an easy one. The ping is often overlooked because the team has tunnel vision, or you overlook it yourself. The reason for this is again a single tank that drives into the enemy base at the start of the match, then stands alone in front of the spawn and pings it all the time. Or some map pings in the middle of nowhere that have no meaning.

Map pinging with accuracy is harder with a console controller as well. I have miss-pinged a few times (is there such a word as miss-pinged ??? )

And the game dev has a responsibility to provide the tools for a player to learn.

Press battles and go to tutorials. There it is.

Open WT chat ingame and write how to git gud and some will maybe answer.
Dont expect everything have served on a silver platter.

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Seems pointless to argue this if you believe new players should be thrown into the deep end and just figure it out, I’m sure that’s great for player retention.

Personally, i’ve invited couple people to play WT that just bounced away after 3-4 battles…

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Yeah, can’t imagine why lol.