A general thought about helicopters

hello and i have an idea for helicopters in war thunder

so i am currently thinking that helicopters needs to be frequently seeing more action in other gamemodes like Air AB and RB as well as in Simulator battles as this will allow the regular aircraft and helicopters to spawn together in Air AB and SB and only one of them in Air RB which i think would add some creativity in the mode and much easier grind with it

or to have thier Own Gamemode entirely away from the EC since helicopter EC is just strait a waste of time and it’s less popular

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What would helicopters do in Air RB? get shot down unless your name is z-19?

I’d rather uninstall than play 1 match of Air RB in a stock Allouette II. What’s next, make someone drive a supply truck around in GRB and do QTE’s to re-arm allies?

There is an heli battle mode in “events”. It is not quite finished, the maps are buggy, it looks like they gave this project to an intern, but it is okay if you want to grind. And dont forget to select full gas tank before starting!

Heli vs Heli existed once and never worked didn’t it? From what I have seen of helicopters in action they hide behind a mountain until called upon then fire over the mountain at a designated target.They rarely engage a hostile in any kind of proximity unless it’s a farmer with an AK47 and a pick up truck or a few drunken Taliban staggering in back from a Stag party.

I don’t see how Warthunder were ever going to put them in the game in an modern army vs army situation.There has only ever been one Heli vs Heli confrontation in history to my knowledge and it was hardly a dogfight.

Gaijin would have to go full fiction on that one and upset the confused player base even further.Maybe Gaijin should server it’s weak ties with reality and do just that,forget the stats and make a fun game instead.

They could make a little effort on the heli event mode.

I have used the dev kit in the past and I can say they could make much better missions than that.

The maps are way too large.

And the objectives are not adapted to heli. You have to cap an helipad which actually says “cap an anypad” in game! Anyway, its boring.

Then you have to shoot some kind of disabled units. Boring.

Then you have to attack aircrafts with your heli! thats the pinnacle!

Also the guepards bots have insane accuracy in this mode! Its ridiculous! You cant approach!

It never worked because starter helis were seeing Apaches and Ka-50s. Would you want to grind a mode where you can get shot down by a high tier premium that can lob missiles at you from well beyond the range of your weapons with no warning and no counter? Would you play a mode where victory depended completely on how many Ka-50s were on your side? That was the state of Heli battles.

They’re lazy. The game Heliborne shows how a helicopters only mode could work.

They’re so lazy they can’t even implement a proper frontline in EC mode with units all along it. Instead the units spawn when the game decides there needs to be some action at the front.

They’re so lazy they can’t properly fix maps in GFRB without using Wall of Rocks™.

Actually there’s an older helicopter sim that shows what a heli only mode could be. Are any of you old enough to remember Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum?

I think they prefer spending time modelling vehicles…

They should make some kind of mission/map creation contest with cdk in the community, would be cool.

lol We get that with the PE8 and Lancaster.
It is much as I suspected. Gaijin getting people to grind Heli’s then give them nothing to do with them. I feel the same about the air games in general to be honest. Pretty lame set ups.

Gaijin just needs to stop adding new vehicles for a couple of updates and work on improving what’s already in the game. I guess implementing a proper helicopter mode that is fun and engaging would require them to think.

They won’t even give us a tank EC mode or bring back RB EC for air.

I could not agree more with that and fail to see how anybody could not.

I just think adults share this game with children and kids just want new shiny things and leave the thinking to the adults. I get that impression form the maturity of the post in the forum.

Again, couldn’t agree more.

I’d love to see an option that turns off those pesky helicopters from GRB

If a proper Air RB EC mode was added with respawning, helicopters could probably be added at heli bases close to the front line.

If Air RB EC was added with a spawn point system, heli’s could even act as a low spawn point cost option.

It certainly could be interesting but it still would be tough against jets. They would have to make the PVE rewards worth it to see these fly out.

But it would certainly require some sort of respawn system in Air RB to make helicopters work.