A few questions from a newbie, please help

I’ve posted lots of messy question over the past couple months and I apologize for that, as a new player finding my place in the game is really difficult and I wish to avoid throwing money at random.

Moving on to what I wanted to know though, a few questions:

1 - Is the MC 485 premium torpedo boat (the one from the battlepass) worth getting? The how is not important, the why however is as I am interested for an Italian low BR Air-Naval lineup for casual play.

2 - Also for the sake of casual play, which vehicles would be best for a low BR Russian Air-Naval lineup? I’ve been toying with this idea after noticing that the premium A-20 can carry torpedoes.

3 - Is the Japanese premium B-17E worth getting? I play Air for bombers and strike aircraft, but was more interested in niche options compared to the Ju 288 C and Do 335 B-2 which are ubiquitous.

Thanks to those who will help.

frunze starter ship is really bad, so i suggest you play moskva (its awesome), but i dont have other low tier ships that had been added to the game more recently…

i dont have it but it has 570% SL reward and a fair amount of bomb load, thus if you can actually play bombers well it will be better than Ju 288 with 450% SL reward… although B-17’s RP reward is somewhat lower, it isnt a big deal

since you are new im also going to mention that you are unlikely to score higher rewards in B-17 than you’d in ju 288, for myself though, i believe i would.

My main concern with premiums is their SL payment, so even if a premium had bad RP gainst but made lots of SL I’d consider it good. I’ve noticed however that bombers sometimes struggle due to fighter players chasing them across the map for easy points.

As for Russia Naval, I really don’t know much but was interested in the barges with T-34 cannons as I read they are very heavily armed and armoured for their BR. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything about the Soviet Navy beyond them getting Tashkent from Italy though, so interest beyond gameplay is poor.

thats what i had in mind, you will want to train your turret aim as well as pre-position yourself to actually kill potential pursuers, you wont be always successful even with good aim though.

oh, yes, i own some, the first one is the most armoured, but later ones face stronger foes

though the T-34 ship is kinda cool, the turrets are hard to aim because they suffer from sway, like tanks on the move, except that you cant do anything about it due to sea always being wavy. i think they were meant to be river ships where no waves would be present.

i didnt play other factions much so i cant comment how other nations are (except japan which was really horrible), but soviet navy was very enjoyable to me, at least to the battle rating of 5.0 after which i no longer had will to grind

My lack of knowledge has me wondering what are the goods of Soviet naval vessels. A brief look tells me early destroyers have lots of torps but lack main gun power (few mounts), and I have no clue how useful torpedoes are in WT Naval.

idk, i found guns to be good enough at time

I think yes, especially if you want to research Italian coastal. It looks like a pretty good boat. Although in my experience it’s quite hard to get into low tier coastal battles.
And German vehicle looks nice also.

Dont expect much from air in naval games. Destroyers have really strong AA weapons.

Well, getting the ship would give me reason to play Italian coastal ships, so it’s kind of the opposite of what you said. :D

Can you explain what this means? Is it a matter of queue times?

Yes, I play realistic mode though and brs outside of script bots users (mainly US premium destroyers/cruisers) have long queue times. For my time zone GMT+10 it’s even worse.

Okay, I understand. I play Arcade and my timezone is CET/GMT+1 so hopefully there’ll be less issues with the queues.