A crazy idea I've had

Ok, so, we all know war ain’t only about tanks and planes, there’s much more going around, and specially tanks can’t achieve much by themselves in real life, so that’s why I thought of this crazy idea:

  • Make it so only IFVs and APCs can capture points to win games via tickets. It is infantry what truly conquers a territory, not tanks. This way you could add personnel carirers such as the Hanomag or the BTR-60/70/80 (basically vehicles that wouldn’t be able to deal with enemy armor alone), and those APCs/IFVs that are already in the game would have a much more important role in battle rather than just acting as light tanks or anti airs.

  • The mission of tanks in the game would be pretty much like real life, used just to support said IFVs and APCs against serious threats.

I know this may sound stupid, maybe even utopic, but it’s something I’ve thought about just in order to overhaul War Thunder, since in my opinion, it’s been getting a bit boring recently.

Let me know what you think!


Did I understand it right? You ask for infantry?
Gaijin got you covered.


Nono, it’s not infantry, it’s just about changing gameplay and giving troops transports the important role they deserve.

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You know teammates aren’t that cooperative. Same thing would happen anyways. Apcs would be left alone most likely.

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Well yeah, the way many players behave would be a problem, but I guess making their victory depend on the survival of their APCs I think they’d behave somewhat better.

Then another thing could happen. Stupid APC players could make your team lose. Imagine getting 10 kills but losing the match because dumb apc players couldn’t cap the point. It can happen the other way also.

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That’s something we can’t control I guess, but I believe if you’re given a halftrack with a MG34 you’ll probably realize (even if you’re a new player) that you’ll do nothing to enemy armor and will have to play cautiously while relying on your tanks in order to advance. Skill would be even more important, but I guess everyone starts somewhere.

It’s really hard to tell how well this would work in game. I think the best way to test it would be to implement it in a event first.

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At one point we have to cooperate with each other. In the future some SAMs will require multiple team mates to work.

I mean I believe implementing what I’ve shown could potentially help to cooperate more between teammates. In order to win, you’re most likely going to be forced to communicate with your team. Lone wolves like we have today, making 12 kills while just focusing on themselves would probably make the team lose.

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Thx for clearing it up for me. I appreciate it.

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We currently have soldiers modeled in some vehicles and seen in game as A.I ground forces. Therefore I say it is possible since they already exist in game. However, I find it hard to see them used as proposed considering what was commented afterwards.
I would imagine an entry level start would be to have a event where you have to support an advancing A.I troop carrier. Also have the mission revolve around the support of the troops instead of players running off going lone wolf. Perhaps the troops only move when active players stay within a zone given from the advance.

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Would need dramatically more IFVs. Some nations don’t have any. But it is interesting.


How would that work on lower BR where there are no APC’s?

It could be a soft start if it was a simple A.I escort vs A.I forces. I don’t know if Enemy player controlled teams would be too much. WT players tend to get cleaver and figure out ways to take advantage of things.

Probably can set the br or have a preset line up?

In my opinion we wouldn’t necessarily need infantry to be modeled (since, let’s be honest, that’d make Gaijin refuse to the idea), although I really wish that. Threats like recoiless rifles and dismounted ATGMs were a huge threat during the Cold War for example.

I also believe APCs should be player-controlled (since the AI is really dumb). You’d earn big profits aswell in order to make playing APCs and IFVs profitable and not just some “driving around doing nothing” gamplay.

They definitely exist, it’s research, modelling and programming what has to be done.

I mean you definitely could add early WW2 APCs such as the Sd.kfz 251, the Renault Chenillete or the Vickers Universal Carrier. I believe most countries in game (if not all) had some sort of armored troop transports by the time WW2 started.

I believe it could be done without the ground troops shown. I figure it would just be a QOL thing. A NPC group (vehicles only) would be fine as is in my opinion

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Does anyone know if its possible to do any of this in mission editor? Like the general concept? I have not researched it enough but will try. I mean, if possible, I wonder if others have tried before