A-7D/E/K Attacker Air Spawn

With the upcoming changes moving forward with the new update in regards about the A-10, Su-25 and A-6E having an Attacker Spawn so they can fullfill their role as attack aircraft, I’d like to Discuss about the possibility of implementing the same change for the A-7 Series of aircraft as of right now I think the A-7 series of aircraft and not able to be as effective as they can be in the battlefields of Air RB, With the lack of supersonic flight, Lacking Maneuverability and only 2 Rear Aspect missiles I think it would be good to Discuss if there is a possibility of implementing such a change in the game.

I think this is a massive yes for EC maps, but in standard maps they would arrive quite quickly (except the A-10). Idk, either way gaijin said they won’t ever give air spawns above 9.0