A-6E wing snappage

The A-6E will spontaneously tear off its wing tips around ~900km/h, this is with a singular gunpod and AIM-9L as well as all modifications applied.

This is probably because you’re turning too hard at that speed, overloading your wing due to the G-force. The A-6 is a tubby attack jet, its not meant to pull like a lighter weight fighter would

It does it in 3G pull. or like -1G

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G limits are situational - if you are going fast then you will have a lower G limit because the speed is already applying stress. If you have ordnance fitted to teh wings that will (or should!) lower the G limit too.

Best you post a replay where this happened and people can give you specific advice.

Altitude also effects wing overload.

Tbh not even Skyhawk rips that easily in turns like TRAM, i flew just few games with it,but the moment i turn,the wing goes away. Cant really even turn to someone passing by to spray him with the gunpod.

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Post a replay.